10 pirate books {#pb10for10}

Thanks to Cathy (Reflect and Refine) and Mandy (Enjoy and Embrace Learning) for organizing 10 for 10 Picture Books. Visit their sites to see everyone’s lists.

At the Choice Literacy writing retreat, I listened to a conversation of themes for #pb10for10, I began imagining the kind of list I could make. As a first-timer celebrating 10 for 10 Picture Books, I decided to go with the most obvious list for me.

PIRATES.  I {heart} pirates. The challenge was not in finding 10 pirate picture books, but in limiting my list to 10. Here are my current favorite pirate books (although I’m certain if you’d ask me next week there would be different books on the favorite pirate picture book list).

My all time favorite pirate book. The main
character, Molly, just might remind me of
my own red-haired independent little girl.

This is a classic pirate book and one of my most
used texts for teaching minilessons in
writing workshop.
A list of picture books isn’t complete without an
ABC book.
This is my latest addition to my pirate book
collection. It is a fun read.
Even though my luggage was bulging, I still bought this
book at NCTE and squeezed it in. I love this collection
of pirate poetry.
I think this should be added to every teacher’s
beginning of the year read aloud book list!
I’m a big fan of Gail Gibbons, but this is my
favorite of all her titles.
A little pirate who dares to be different and brings
about BIG laughs.
With unique see-through pages, the reader gets to
a new view of pirate life.
I love the humor in the illustrations with
speech bubbles and captions coupled with
the nonfiction text.

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  1. I now remember you loving pirate books, but is it really true that there are more? I wrote down a few, especially the Cornelia Funke one-don't know it! And I do love the Pirate Poetry one by David Harrison-so funny. Do you know this one: Seadogs, an epic Ocean Operetta by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Mark Siegel. It was a favorite of Carter's when he was about 9. Thanks Ruth!

  2. Love your list, Ruth! Most of these are new to me, and I'm especially intrigued by the book of pirate poetry. I wrote about my favorite Jane Yolen books, but I had to leave The Ballad of the Pirate Queens off the list. Too many others to choose from! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm writing all these down. Just left James today and he was in pirate form. I have only Tough Boris which Noah read today to himself and couldn't believe they had the parrot die! I told him that even though people look tough on the outside, everyone weeps/feels sad some time.