all in the same moment (soLs)

I’ve spent a handful of days in the Ozarks visiting my grandparents almost every year of my entire life. Last week I spent a day in the valley with my kids. I found myself feeling like a child, yet being a mother. It was a combination of spirits that I hope I find more often.

I have a favorite uncle, Uncle Duffer. He’s unconventional as far as favorite uncles go. He brought a four wheeler up to the house for the kids and me. The mother in me said, Nonono. I’m not piling my kids on to that, without helmets, and barreling around the mountains.

My dad said, “You’re in the valley, Ruth. Live a little.”

So we piled on.

And barreled around the red dirt mountain roads trails. Their woots and hoots were worth it. The lack of brakes made it even more of an adventure.

We stopped at the swimming hole.

And swam in our clothes, the way you do in the valley. The water not-cold-enough to keep us out, and the rock too enticing to only jump once.

Yes, being a momma and a kid all at the same time is good for the soul. I think, perhaps, it is how you find your roots, live in the present, and hope for the future all in the same moment.

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  1. I love this slice. Sometimes the responsible part of me – the worrier – can keep me from having fun. I often reflect on my younger self and wonder how it was that I could go from having no fear to so much. The balance is what I strive for. Looks like you found it.

  2. Amazing! It's hard to stop the mom part from worrying sometimes. I think you are right though, balance is the key…sometimes I just struggle to find that key! I'm glad you were able to enjoy each other and your surroundings so much!

  3. What an important message as parents… favorite line: “I think, perhaps, it is how you find your roots, live in the present, and hope for the future all in the same moment.” We will hold on to that as we get ready for vacation next week.
    Thanks for sharing
    Clare and Tammy

  4. I always love your last lines, bringing everything together, making a powerful piece of writing end with a strong lingering thought to ponder.

  5. LOVE this post! It is hard to break out of mom mode, but when you connect with your inner child (especially when it's been awhile), magic happens! And I think it's a good side of yourself to show to the kiddos now and then 🙂

  6. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in all we have to do as moms, wives, and teachers, and forget to “live a little.” Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Oh my goodness, it sounds & looks like a lot of fun. I think your kids probably thought they were in heaven, Ruth. So glad you 'entered the valley'!

  8. It sounds like you and the kids had an excellent time. So many times we get wrapped up in “making sure everything is ok” that we forget to have fun. I'm sure this it a time that won't soon be forgotten.

  9. I love this slice because you recognize the way being with your family makes you feel as an adult but also as a child, and how these relationships change/stay the same once kids are in the picture. The big idea though is FUN — and it sounds like you had lots of it! We should never forget to embrace life the same way children do: with wonder and excitement.

  10. I like how you showed how we approach things differently depending on where we are — how you did those things because you were “in the valley”, and had a perfectly wonderful time of it! Sounds like a perfect slice of summer!

  11. So glad you got to indulge your inner child. There's something very special about being home where you are both a child and an adult. Love the reflection of the rock and the kids in the water.