my floppy heart.

{my words from a year ago}

I’m miserably horrible at staying in touch. It is my Achilles’ heel. I know this and I try to keep in touch (I cringe thinking I could be worse at staying in touch.), but I still fail miserably.

So a few days ago when I hugged Martin after not seeing him for a year and very limited contact because of my aforementioned weakness, I was reminded how special and important he is. I was reminded of Karianne and Taija too. And it makes me want to remedy my Achilles’ heel.

I don’t want to be limited to loving BIG only within the walls of my home or the boundaries of my community or the lines of my school district. I want to love BIG across the country and the oceans and the entire globe.

I’m not sure what my recovery process will look like. It’ll involve a paradigm shift — to understand that investing in relationships is bigger than I ever imagined. It isn’t only sharing a cup of tea or going on a walk. Investing in relationships is more than mailing a card or taking a meal to a friend. It can be tweeting or sharing a link on Facebook. It may mean sending an email or a text message. It is liking a photo on Instagram.

I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity of connecting with others in ways I never even imagined. And I’m anxious to see the results of loving more.

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  1. Ruth – You aren't the only one with this Achilles' heel. I share your problem. I recently got together with high school friends who I haven't seen since college. Two still live in the town where I visit my parents each year and yet I haven't made the effort to meet up until now and I am wondering why we didn't do it earlier. Good luck with your quest to creatively connect.

  2. Ruth, you have the ability to make those who come in contact with you feel like they matter. Whether you do it through words you write or words you say, you connect. You do love BIG. Just knowing that the contact is there when or if needed, is enough. You are rich with friends all over the world.

  3. I agree with Elsie, you do love big. I usually only see you at All Write, but I feel connected to you all year. 🙂 And I think this year I might get to see you at the Choice Lit writing retreat? If so, that is soon! Good luck on your quest – it is hard to find more time in our busy days. I'm sure you will see pay off in anything you do.

  4. It is hard to do that 'one more thing', especially with those far away, but you've given me some new motivation, Ruth. I think you do make us all feel good, but 'get' that you might be missing some others, or at least feel that you are. Best to you in all of this, too!

  5. Love the way you ended, by looking forward to seeing the results of “loving more” – really fits in with my goals for myself. It is so frightening, so exhausting, and so very rewarding to put yourself out there and make and keep connections.
    Best of luck to us all in this endeavor.

  6. I have always considered you as someone who “loves big.” Interesting that you see it as an Achilles heel for yourself. It would then be my ailment as well. I love chatting with friends, but it can be up to an hour on the phone and I'm horrible at multi-tasking so nothing else is getting done. I need to learn to cherish those hours, and also think outside the box of how to stay in touch.
    Great reflection that is making me think bigger as well.

  7. I think we all have this problem… this thing called life gets in the way..not an excuse but it does. Good luck-I will try to use your energy to do better myself! Thanks!

  8. It is so interesting to me that you see yourself this way. My view is different. I see your BIG love in your honest sharing through writing. You have a way of applying God's truth that encourages me like a huge hug, for example. Then the way you (and Stacey) encourage this community is another act of love. You have modeled big love in a way that makes me want to do the same.

  9. I think Elsie nailed it! But, I understand too that it's hard to stay in touch with people far away. Even though Facebook and everything else makes it easier, it's still a matter of making time. Best wishes and share some tips as you go!

  10. Ruth, I'll be interested in hearing how you connect with others in new ways. Like others have mentioned, this blog is a remarkable way that you reach out and share with each of us. You show all of us how to love big through our writing on SOL.

  11. Loving big…such an amazing challenge for me also. Last week I met a young family on a trail that had a huge medical concern. I'm trying to lift them up every day in prayer. I know that I will never, ever see each other again on earth…but someday in heaven, yep I think. Loving along the way. I want it. xo

  12. This post surprised me, because you seem like you invest so much in relationships all the time! I really feel like staying connected with friends is my “Achilles' heel” too, and the end of your post comforted me by reminding me that little things like Facebook comments are an ok way to stay connected. You have inspired me to reconnect with my friends in these ways too!

  13. Me too! So many friend now live far away and I miss them so much but have the hardest time keeping in touch. Not sure what my remedy would be. But I should definitely try. Thanks for the food for thought.