much bigger (soLs)

Mom’s nails

Grandma’s nails
Always painted.
My nails 
(Lately) always painted.
Steph’s nails
Hannah’s nails
never painted.
Until recently.
Purple and pink.
Electric green.
They sit.
Hands poised.
I paint.
Practice patience.
Attempt to appreciate the giggles,
Even though they keep moving.
They say,
“I love being like you, Mom.”
And I realize
It’s not about the nails.
It’s much bigger.

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  1. It is SO much bigger. It's always so much bigger than what it just seems to be about on the surface.

    Not sure if you saw my e-mail about Boston. LMK.

    Have a good night.

  2. Who wouldn't love being like Ruth?!? Wise girls. They are lucky to have such an amazing mother to look up to. You captured the big inside the little perfectly. I wonder if Sam is going to want painted fingernails now… 🙂

  3. Yes! Ingrid just now has purple sparkly toenails. She is in heaven, showing off her toes to me, just like Mama. You are good to be patient-the little things/minutes count 'bigger'. (Please ignore the grammar!)

  4. As all have said…oh yes so much bigger…these are the memories that will always be with you, the memories that are embedded into your heart…forever!