the kitchen (soLs)

It holds
peanut butter

It holds
colorful plates
sharp knives

It holds
little giggles
sweet secrets
big dreams

It holds

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  1. I enjoyed the shift in the last two stanzas. I can imagine how many smiles and giggles and stories it probably held when you were making all that salsa with your kids!

  2. I loved your list of what makes a kitchen. My husband's stuff keeps infiltrating my kitchen countertops…electronic chargers, screwdrivers, thumbdrives, light bulbs, tape measures…dad seems to be making his presence known, too! Does anyone else have a kitchen that's part garage?

  3. Oh, and I just remembered there was something about syllables. Went back and read it again…like the work on 4,3,2,1…also, didn't know if it was intentional, but the short u sound for each 1 syllable word, then you break the pattern in the last stanza which makes for a good effect.

  4. What a wonderful image of your kitchen as the center of food preparation and family life. Stories and secrets are often shared as we prep those veggies and clean our spatulas. Some of my fondest memories of growing up and of living involve the kitchen (and not just the food consumed there!).

  5. This is definitely a piece of writing that sparks more ideas for writing. You are a master of strong imagery combined with abstract ideas. Your kitchen sounds like a great place to be!

  6. I love the concrete fixtures in your kitchen and the transition to the most loved posessions. Little giggles is my favorite! This is a favorite for me!

  7. I'm glad Donna reminded me to look back and notice the syllables. That is what I love about poetry – yes the words and the images are fun to find and explore but its the structure that has power!

  8. Ruth – you always have great endings to whatever you write. It is something I have come to really admire about your writing and see you as a mentor in that area for sure. Thank you! Love the play with syllables.

  9. I like the way you went from the impersonal items to the treasured items your kitchen holds. The kitchen is the centerpiece of so many homes and you're in the middle of it!

  10. Yes, you do love your kitchen and the food you prepare. Once again, I need to look for those little wonders. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Ruth,
    This slice is simple yet complex…you are so talented with how you pick just the right words to deliver your messages. kitchens are such a place of love and endearing times with family and friends…