stop. (soLs)

It’s been gogogogogoGO! for me. Monday marked a moment to stop and slow down. Breathe a little. The girls are away at camp this week, Karianne is traveling through Canada and Washington D.C. with her family, and Sam has Lego Camp for three hours each morning.


I’m trying to make myself slow down and yet it seems like there is still too much crammed into a single day. I only have myself to blame. Tomorrow, though, I’m going to take full advantage of the time alone in the house. I will not do any of the have-tos, only the I-wish-I-had-time-fors.

The list is still long, and I’m tempted to make a list, prioritize it, and check things off. But I’m not going to let myself do this. Instead I’m going to pause.

Be slow.

Otherwise, I’m going to crash. Sometimes it gets to the point where we just have to stop.

So this is me, stopping.

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  1. I hope your mind takes the cue from your body and slows down too. I can't imagine what it has felt like to be you this past week. Lots of good, but also lots of GO.

    Stopping (piddling for awhile) sort of reminds me of a log walk…

  2. Wish I could take you to the lake, it's a great place to slow down and let your mind relax. Be sure to add this to your list–BE SLOW. Move it to the top….prioritize!

  3. Love this:
    Be slow.”
    Especially piddling.
    Enjoy tomorrow. Don't make that list. Just promise to write about how awesome it was when you're all done.
    Oh, and Lego Camp???? JEALOUS!!!

  4. I like your verbs. I like your thoughts too. Have the second cup of tea tomorrow. Take a longer walk than you planned. Play with new fonts. Cuddle up on the couch with the kind of peace one only dreams of in the midst of a mad rush. It's your day…well deserved; enjoy :).

  5. And what better time to make sure that we take some time to stop than summer! I hope that you enjoy your day tomorrow. I read about your keynote on another blog. It sounded absolutely amazing.

  6. Aah, making time for the “I-wish-I-had-time-fors.” I hope you are successful at slowing to a stop instead of crashing as you said. Lingering on the things that you want to sounds like a good start, maybe a nap too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You are wise to spot a good place and pause. It will recharge you and give you needed energy to continue on your journey. I am so thankful for all you givegivegiveGIve as you gogogoGO! That gives me energy to continue on my teaching, writing, learning journey. While you stop please notice the sign the that says, ” We are grateful for you”, because I know I am not the only one you inspire.

  8. It has been fun to follow your successes over Twitter this past week or so. Sounds like you hit some big home runs! Way to go. I hope you can enjoy some deserved down time!

  9. Ah, I need to take a lesson from you (assuming you did manage to just stop). Even on my free days I have a tendency to either work on a list or to berate myself when I just relax and read a bit.