discovering a new character

Today’s #TeachersWrite quick write challenge is to put a character in the media center of a school. I love quick writes, because there is always something lurking just beyond the edges of my mind that I get to discover when I take a few minutes to scribble some words.

Today I found a new character — the media center specialist. I think I’m already in love with this quirky lady. I wrote fast and long (for a notebook entry), ending up with 400 words. Then I turned the page of my notebook to a clean sheet and began noting the things I learned because of the quick write.

How about you? What are you discovering as you spend some time with a quick write in your notebook?

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  1. Ruth,
    You are so great at encouraging thinking about process-the process is really where the learning is taking place and then leading to application in other areas…
    I haven't reflected on my process yet, but it will be part of tonight's writing time.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Ruth, I so appreciate these views into your notebook. You explain yourself and your process in a way that I can grasp and learn from. Thank you for teaching me through your explanations.

    What am I learning? I am learning that all those times that I hear teachers (us) complain that kids don't want to write or don't write much…. well… maybe it's because sometimes writing is hard. My stamina for spending a lot of time on writing isn't great yet! Also, I have a really tough time with fiction. It doesn't come naturally for me (yet?).

  3. Thanks for the peek into the learning, Ruth. I like the idea of reading my writing like a reader & looking for the learning. I took the other way with the prompt, to keep on with a WIP, but probably should try this too, to develop a new character. I'm finished with school today, so maybe more time coming!