a little list (soLs)

I saw a lot of lists around the slice community today. Since it feels like a listy-kind-of-Tuesday, here’s mine.

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  1. I couldn't stand it…had to fix it. (I also couldn't stand to leave it, even if just for a few minutes without acknowledging that the apostrophes were missing.) It's correct now. Shew!

  2. It is a “listy” time of year isn't it? This is the kind of list you need by your desk as a reminder. Love all the fonts and positive messages.

  3. What a great collection of thoughts. I like that you used some digital scrapbooking supplies too (or at least it looks like it). I enjoyed the blend of thoughts and fonts.

  4. Great list.
    Sort of like poetry and painting all at the same time. Loved the lines at the top. Like sewing, or trying to form a letter, but you only got lines.

  5. Ok, first this is super cool. I have no knowledge of how you even created this but I love the actual artifact. Second, I love so many of your “items” but the one that spoke to me most was the last one, “Publication doesn't make a writer.” I so needed that, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I hope you can sometimes share 'how' you did this. I love the content but it's even more exciting & deliberate when you present it so well. I like that you included all parts of your life.

  7. Three that spoke to me – The sunshine makes me smile, I am good enough, and I am happy in the kitchen. One that scared me – I can give more.

  8. Such a great list! I love “It's important to spend your life doing things that you are best at.” And how you followed that with “I love teaching.” And “Everyone has rocky patches in life. This is ok.” (need to remember that one!). Like several others, I would love to know how to do this so it looks like yours! Perfect!

  9. I love the date line at the top and I really think the muliple fonts create a very cool vibe. My favorite line has the word 'salty' in it. I like that your are salty and also that you stand up for things that are right and write ! xo nanc