{discover. play. build.} scents

Earlier this week I was overpowered by the smell of school. This led me to write my slice this week. Writing my slice this week made me think about capturing scents and led me to my notebook for a little play and discovery. One of the things people commented on regarding my slice was the combination of concrete and abstract descriptions of smells. I coupled pencil shavings with possible dreams. I wanted to try a little of this in my notebook. As I was writing, I also noticed my choice of verbs helps carry the smell off the page. Capturing a scent in my notebook is about much more than description or comparison. It is setting and verbs and abstract nouns working together to create a scent for the reader.

{Discover. Play. Build.}
Return to your list of places and chose one to play with in your notebook. Create a page of smells from this place. Try to push yourself to include some abstract nouns in your scent descriptions, as well as develop a list of possible verbs to help waft the smell to your reader.

Click on the image for a bigger view of my page.

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  1. This is great, Ruth. I appreciate you pointing out that it is important to think about the verbs and setting, along with abstract nouns to really get the “scents” jumping off the page.

    I anticipate these {discover. play. build.} Thursdays! Can't wait to make some time for my notebook today. 🙂