stress relief

We arrived at my in-laws near eight and the kids snuggled in for the night. Meanwhile Andy and his mom poured the wine, set out the snacks. Martin (a friend of ours from Austria) shuffled the cards. We gathered around the table, dealt the cards, began to play.

And the stories flowed. Of childhood and Austria and the crazy-busy week. We laughed and teased and didn’t want to go to bed. But the hours kept churning and our wine glasses were empty. My head hit the pillow and all  of the tension was gone.

{Family + Friends + Stories = Exceptional Stress Relief }
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from the Slice Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

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  1. Oh, I love how short but powerful this is. Makes me think of times when I felt the stress melt away before sleep took over. The equation at the end really seals it.

  2. And the stories flowed…
    Always the beginning of good times when people get together. That feeling of not wanting to go to bed, but being just so, so tired, too, then the succumbing to sleep, is just delicious. Sounds like you had a really wonderful time.

  3. That's my kind of math! There is a feeling of 'comfy' in this piece. I can see you all kicking off your shoes. Glad you got some stress relief.

  4. First, did you, ahem, see the comment from your mother?? If not, call me and I'll tell you.
    Next…how does one get invited to that kind of stress relief party? And remind me about what it's like when kids go to be early…I can barely stay awake till they are all home these days!

  5. Have you seen Amy Krouse-Rosenthal's book titled This Plus That? Your slice reminds me of that book and gives me an idea for helping students use it as a prompt more effectively.

    And I agree with your equation. Heartily.

  6. When we are in the States we have many similar evenings. I shall be reminiscing about them all afternoon. Thank you for reminding me of bedtime followed by food and fellowship with cards.