a morning conversation (soLs)

For the past few years, storms have brought an extra body into our bed at night. The good news is, when Sam turned six, he proclaimed: 

“Six year olds aren’t afraid of storms.”
We’ve been waiting to test the theory. Late last night, a storm rolled in, and soon Sam snuggled under my covers, took over my pillow, and whispered, “I need you, Mom.” It’s because he says sweet things like this that I don’t kick him out.
The next morning, with my muscles sore from being sandwiched between two guys all night — one big and one small — I asked Sam, “Did you have a bad dream last night?”
He looked up from his cereal bowl. “Nope.”
I stretched my back. “Were you afraid of the storm?”
He dropped his spoon into his bowl and widened his blue eyes. “Mom,” he said so I could hear the eye roll, “I told you six year olds aren’t afraid of storms.”
Really. I contained my eye roll and asked, “So, why were you in my bed last night?”
He smiled at me. “Ohhh, I heard the storm and figured you missed me.”
Really. My only option was to smile back. I’m one lucky momma.
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  1. So sweet that Sam is . . . kids just know how to get us every time. These are those little moments you never want to forget or let go of — so slicing is just perfect to capture it forever. Thanks for sharing Sam's insights. So smart he is for a six year that is NOT afraid of storms!

  2. That is adorable! “Ohhh, I heard the storm and figured you missed me.” Priceless! And thank you so much for stopping by. I'm honored you felt my intolerance for cold was worth your notebook haha.

  3. “I need you mom.” There aren't many words that are sweeter than those. What a precious story and what a lucky little guy Sam is to have a mom who writes this stuff down!

  4. Oh my, he is one smart little boy. He's got your heart wrapped up very tight, Ruth. I don't know how to solve it, I couldn't when I was a mom, & can't now as a grandma. They're just too sweet. Thanks for a precious story!

  5. Such a sweet story :). Thanks for sharing it as your slice. I heard the storms too…Monday night, I think. And I was scared of tornadoes (and rightfully so, I now know). So, there's no rule about growing out of it all at 6! What a cutie!

  6. Let me add my voice to the comments, Sam is too darn cute! This made me laugh out loud, I love the way you captured the eye rolls.

  7. Love it! I used to wake up with a little guy on the floor beside the bed…he'd come in and curl up on the extra pillows I tossed down there at night. That was after several years of some little body or another in our bed. 🙂
    I sort of miss it sometimes.

  8. “It's because he says sweet things like this that I don't kick him out.”

    There is something about this line that gets me. It is because of how true it is and how you don't really mean it all at the same time. I can't put my finger on it, but it makes my insides giggle. Sam is clearly both adorable and clever…hmmm, I wonder whose influence encourages those traits?

  9. My niece (technically my cousin's daughter, but family is family) made a similar statement when she hit the big 4: “Four-year-olds aren't afraid of cows.” (Living on a farm, she deals with the real thing, not a picture in a book.) She interpreted this to me she wouldn't scream when you walked too close; “I just get NERVOUS.” 🙂

  10. Hilarious! I so noticed how you stretched your back when you asked, “Were you afraid of the storm?” as if making a point. Nice craft move. He thought you needed him – so cute!

  11. I love that story! Your little one must have personality plus! I enjoyed the part about the eye rolls! And, admit it, you would have missed him if he had not come to keep you company, wouldn't you?