happy birthday

dinner for breakfast (macaroni and cheese)
new shirt (skateboarding: the sport that defies gravity)
chocolate chip cookies for snack (made by a five year, delivered as a six year old)
name teacher-printed on a birthday crown
a train track (“Call this the birthday express.”)
a domino run (shaped like a candle)
read a favorite book (Thomas and friends)
a  birthday present (wrapped in Clifford paper)
Legos (“How did you know I love these?”)
breakfast for dinner (blue chocolate chip pancakes)
swimming pool
a few more pieces in Lego City
jammies (“Six year olds don’t sleep with shirts on.”)
keep you forever hug
happy birthday, Sam

Happy Birthday, Sam!

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  1. I don't even know him, but he looks so old at the right photo. Beautiful line of pictures for sure. I love the way you showed off his birthday, just perfect, & also loved that upside down day with meals-always great to get big choices on one's birthday!

  2. I love the way you accompanied this list with the parenthetical explanations. My favorite is the cookies made by a 5 year old, but delivered as a 6 year old. What a cool way to show that transition! Happy birthday to Sam and congratulations to you! You and Mary Helen have lots to celebrate today!

  3. Happy birthday, Sam! I remember the day you we're born. You are a blessing!
    Ruth, I love your aside comments. What a great hybrid text.
    My favorite line, Legos,” How did you know I love these?”
    Interesting we wrote about our kids' birthday.

  4. It sounds like an incredibly wonderful day for a very loved boy. These slices will become special memories as the years go by. What a cutie!

  5. Happy birthday, Sam!! I've never met him, but reading your writing about him over the last few years certainly makes me feel that I know him! Great photos.

  6. Happy birthday, Sam! Oh how you've grown from a boy who loves clocks to a six year old who likes blue pancakes. Hope your sixth year is wonderful!