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Until yesterday, I never really thought about the goals I have as a writer. I know this seems a little strange (at least to me) considering I started this blog to document my writing life. I do have goals (and they are different than pipe dreams), but I’ve never really stated them in black and white. Regardless, I seem to stay committed to them, but it still seems worthwhile to write them down.

  1. Write 1000 words every day.
  2. Keep a writer’s notebook alongside students.
  3. Keep a writer’s notebook for my YA fiction work.
  4. Meet monthly with my writing group.
  5. Keep writing on my current YA WIP– don’t lose faith.
  6. Complete my current professional book, Celebrating Writers.
  7. Collect ideas, stories, and images for another professional book.
  8. Document the stories of my everyday, ordinary life with words + image.
  9. Revise my first novel to increase the tension in the first half.
  10. Revise my query letter and continue my agent search.
Maybe there’s a good reason I’ve not written them down. They seem so big. Yet they are possible. My writing life is just a blip on the day. Rarely do I get more than twenty consecutive minutes to devote to it. Most days it’s sporadic. A few minutes here in my notebook. A quick blog post there. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and write as fast as I can. Just get the word count in. Ignore the thoughts about not being good enough. Set a deadline. Miss the deadline. Meet the deadline. Set another deadline. Delight in what I can do. Don’t worry about what I don’t do. 
The bottom line is I do this for fun. I do this to make sense of the world. I do this so I don’t forget the little things and in order to remember the big things. I write to make the most of this little life of mine.
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  1. I've recently been doing research about goal setting, thinking with my teachers that making specific goals helps independence in our students. It seems valuable to me that you set these down, and like Diana says, doing part of a goal feels good. I do like that next to the last paragraph, especially to 'ignore the thoughts about not being good enough'. Best wishes in all the goal paths!

  2. Do you have a priority for the goals you've set? Are there any that have due dates? Are there any that are more important than others? (There are a lot here… these are questions I'd ask if you if you were a student of mine.) Just wondering…
    I'm glad you put your goals down in black and white and shared them with us. 🙂

  3. Ambitious? Yes. Doable? For you–absolutely. I love the you're taken the plunge and put your goals out for all to see. Was it scary?
    (I'm working up the nerve and energy to jump into regular blogging and maybe some writing again–shhh…don't tell!)

  4. I think I have avoided putting my goals in writing because I am afraid they might feel more like a “To Do” list than things I want to do for myself. However, in reading your list, I see the value of proclaiming my goals in writing. I think it would solidify my sense of ownership. Your list is so daunting and exciting all at the same time! Your accomplishments as a writer are evident in this list as well as the next steps in your journey.

  5. I love that you made yourself a list. I have some of these in my head, but that's where they remain. But, I think writing them down makes them real and attainable. You continue to inspire! Thanks

  6. I think you hit a lot of minds and hearts with this post. You have a plan and a schedule which helps. The “little things” too many times are the times I think, “No one cares anyway.” I've got to jot them down quick like you do. Thanks for the inspiration once again.

  7. You inspire me. You make me want to be a better writer. You are the kind of writer all students need to be their writing teacher! Just thought you should know! 🙂