Aye! Aye!

A new staple to my writing life — a pirate quilt.

Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love (and I mean lovelovelove) Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s not quite Christmas or Easter, but still it is a goodie. Some of you may know that I have a little obsession with pirates. There are a couple pirate posters in my office and I have quite a collection of pirate books. I even blogged about pirate inspired minilessons here.

This year International Talk Like a Pirate Day was the best one yet. Sure we celebrated in our traditional way with pirate books, fish and chips, and a pirate movie (this year it was Hook). However, my mom (you may know her from the March Slice of Life Challenge as Mimi from Mimi’s Musings) gave me my very own PIRATE QUILT.
Arrrr! You read that right, mateys. I have my own pirate quilt. It is incredible– filled with bright colors, pirates, and an occasional parrot. The back is a giant treasure map. I’m wrapped up in it now. When Andy saw it he smiled and said, “Really, your mom made that for you?”
I know.

Karianne said, “You’ll write a lot of words under that quilt.”
She’s got that right.
I can’t believe I have my own pirate quilt. I mean, it’s so superfluous. It reminds me of my mom’s love. Superfluous means totally over the top…exceeding what is sufficient or necessary…extravagant.  That’s how I am loved. Always have been. Always will be. It makes me want to love like this — in a totally superfluous way.
Thanks Mom. For the pirate quilt, but for loving me unconditionally so I can love others.

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  1. Ruth, I know how long it must have taken your mom to make that special quilt for you. WOW !!! How cool is that. I agree you will now not only have piarate day once a year. You will curl up in it every cool fall day and every snowy cold winter morning. Your mom and you are BOTH special! enjoy.

  2. Wow, what a treasure! And, aargh, matey, it's too much to think you could have a quilt too. Anyway, I think I missed that post because I didn't know your real passion. Our school does a number of piratey things on 'the' day, so I know a bit of what you mean. And that your mom did this is the most special thing. It made me miss my mom to hear you talk. There is no one that knows us and loves us so well. Yo ho ho, I hope you're cuddled up. (My skills here are not so good.)

  3. OMG! That is the greatest quilt ever. Love the bright colors and unique pirates. I just have to see the map on the back. What a special mom and gift. Enjoy your night writing under your treasured quilt. Arrgh!

  4. It's adorable! Love the treasure map on the back side — which we could see a pic of that too! What a special treat!

    I checked out some of your mini-lessons — please tell me you know about “Tough Boris” by Mem Fox. My all time favorite pirate book! So much to talk about with that book!!


  5. Wow – where did she get that darling fabric! I would love to see the back. I do love quilts. And I love it when my mom makes something for me. It is like she is giving me a piece of herself that I will always be able to have an hold. Thanks for the link to your pirate books and lessons. I played around with the pirate talk translator. Fun stuff!

  6. What a beautiful use of the word superfluous :). (Personally, I don't think the word shows up enough!) I love that you equate it with your mom's love. I think you should use some of this fun fabric by adhering it to a mat and frame this special piece of writing for a Mother's Day surprise next year. Enjoy your new quilt!!

  7. Did you hear about the new pirate movie?

    It's not for kids, though, because it's rated Arrrr!

    Ha, ha, gotta love a good (or not so good) pirate joke.

    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!