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Teaching Points Lead to Authentic and Specific Writing Instruction

Before every single minilesson I teach in writing workshop, I write a statement. It always begins the same way, and I never (not-ever) forget to write it. It begins like this: Writers… This statement is a non-negotiable for me because it forces me to boil down the teaching point to something specific and authentic. If I can’t complete the statement, then I shouldn’t be teaching the lesson. Here are a few of my recent teaching points. Writers decide how to enter a new writing project either through collecting, drafting, or… Read more Teaching Points Lead to Authentic and Specific Writing Instruction

story = narrative + informational + opinion

Yesterday I had the privilege to hear James Kofi Annan tell his story. He is a survivor of child slavery. After he escaped, he eventually became a business man. Then he left his promising career in order to fight for freedom for Ghana’s children. He started Challenging Heights as a place to protect and educate children. I am moved by his story. It is one made up of nightmares and eventually overcoming them. It is a story of walking away from prestige and money. James’ story faces the horrors of this world, and… Read more story = narrative + informational + opinion