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I can’t believe it’s August and I forgot.{deep breath}WFMAD.{an experience that made me believe I could maybe, perhaps, actually write fiction}Write Fifteen Minutes a Day, a writing challenge hosted by Laurie Halse Anderson on her blog, Mad Woman in the Forest, is something I’ve participated in for several years. I love it. In an effort to embrace what I can do and let go of the things I don’t do, I’m going to be excited that I remembered and happy to have TWO fifteen minute writing experiences for the next week,… Read more gasp!

i can hardly wait…

Laurie Halse Anderson is hosting the fourth annual WRITE FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY CHALLENGE this month. Ican’twait. Ican’twait. Ican’twait. The welcome message for the first day of the challenge is up now. Here’s hoping you WFMAD too.

another (and another) blog find

Literary Rambles is packed full of great information. Be careful! The author interviews, agent highlights, tips, and general good stuff will pull you in and you’ll lose track of time! Mother. Write. (Repeat.) is worth your time if you are interested in queries (she has “An Agent’s Inbox” contest going on right now). Although I’ve not spent a ton of time on this site (I just found it a few minutes ago), it looks like a place filled with great information and inspiration. Also, I’m collecting this links under the… Read more another (and another) blog find

another twitter find

I stumbled across this blog, Falling Leaflets, via Twitter. Have I mentioned how much I love Twitter? It is super resource for both writers and teachers. Anyway, if you find yourself with a few extra minutes, hop over to Falling Leaflets for all kinds of good stuff.