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Category: faith

52 Day Challenge

Last week was spring break and we were home. A lot. My everyday routine was drastically changed. I wondered what mine would be to do. I wondered what I should do with my extra time. Last Friday at 3:40, on my way home from school, I realized mine to do this week was to love my kids. First. Before everything else. Just as they are. This isn’t a new goal. I consider my family to be in one of the top spots on my priority list. But sometimes during breaks,… Read more 52 Day Challenge

52 day challenge: accept

I knew early in the week what I would be recording today for the 52 Day Challenge. Q: What is mine to do? A: Accept. I need to accept that I will make mistakes, that I won’t get everything done, and that it is okay. For instance, this week I: Forgot to turn in my mileage. Showed up at the wrong school to lead professional development for our late arrival day. The school I needed to be at was nearly 30 minutes away. (Really, it’s remarkable I’ve not done this… Read more 52 day challenge: accept

water aerobics (soLs)

I {heart} water aerobics. Truly. I took a class in college and then again after Andy & I moved to our town. Then the community pool closed for several years. I missed water aerobics. This year the pool reopened. The best part of this state of the art facility is they offer water aerobics. Of course I signed up. My schema for water aerobics instructors involve old men with beards and receding hairlines. In January my schema changed drastically. The water aerobics instructor is from our local college. He’s not old, instead… Read more water aerobics (soLs)

keeping on (soLs)

What makes people keep going even when it gets really tough?  I look at this little writing challenge of ours, and even though I don’t want to write tonight, I’m making my fingers move across the keyboard. The thoughts are plodding along behind me, almost as though there are cement blocks tied to my fingers, weighting them down, suffocating the words. I keep going, even when it’s hard. I trust the process. I think about being an agent of change at work, and even though I don’t want to always… Read more keeping on (soLs)

another challenge? but… (soLs)

52 Day Challenge: Pray. Do. Record. Every week. Last Sunday our pastor issued a 52 Day Challenge. Shamefully, my first thought was: I’m in the middle of a challenge, certainly I shouldn’t take on something else right now. As Kurt explained the challenge, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the 52 Day Challenge was most certainly something I should consider right now. Even more, it was something I was excited about. The challenge is based on the fact that it took Nehemiah and the people 52 days to rebuild the… Read more another challenge? but… (soLs)