peace 2021


My words find me. They always have. I pray about the word that is intended for me and then I remain open until it finds me.

I often have lists of possibilities, but the reality is there’s not much organized or objective about choosing a word. I go by what feels right.

Actually, I eliminate based on what doesn’t feel right. That’s what happened with settle. I thought it would be the perfect word, but it didn’t feel right. Neither did abide. Nor calm.

I believe this is why I’m often surprised and even resistant to my word in the beginning. There is a power greater than me who knows what I need. I find my One Little Words to be small gifts that guide me into becoming a better version of myself.

I’ve been holding my OLW 2021 close to my heart. My Christmas tree is still up, and I’ve been sitting with the lights, wondering if I’m cheating Christmas 2021 by already having the white lights twinkle magic this year. Today, I realized I’m not cheating Christmas. Instead, I’m setting myself up for a sweet circular ending —beginning and ending by the Christmas tree. 

Beginning and ending thinking about peace.



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  1. What a lovely beginning to the year, hanging on to some Christmas beauty. I look forward to hearing about your journey with peace this year.

  2. Best word ever! I look forward to hearing how peace plays out in your life this year. It’s so true that if we let it, the perfect word arrives for each year.
    I took the tree down on Sunday and mistakenly told Jack that I put the tree up, making him think that it was still up at my house. But I still have snowmen and white lights on the mantle speaking peace to my heart until the bunnies and chicks pop out of their boxes to herald spring!
    Happy 2021, dear friend.