Hello 2020 + One Little Word #15


For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t ready to dive into a new year. I was okay with 2019 lingering a little longer. I really loved living my One Little Word for 2019 — whimsy. Don’t be tricked, whimsy was not a fluff word.

That’s the power of words + intentions. They change us. This year, mostly because I’ve loved whimsy so very much, I wasn’t on the look out for a new word. In the final days of the year, a new word came looking for me. An old word-friend knocked on my door and asked to be invited back into my life. I might have snuffed and turned my back, but it was insistent. 

I wrote the word in my notebook, next to the other contenders for 2020 —  space and see and openwrite.

There were many years when I invited write into my life, thinking it would be a perfect fit. It always declined my invitation, slipping out of my grasp. Yet, here it was, knocking again and I laughed, proving I’m more cynical than I like to be.

For many years I begged write to attend to my life, but it kept ducking away as other words claimed the year. Now write is knocking and I’m not sure I should open the door. I’m selecting word number fifteen and I don’t particularly want to choose one that I will fail.

Write has all the potential for failure. There are too many reasons to say no, yet I feel it locking on to my life, planning to guide my intentions at the onset of a new decade. I’m still sore about ending a year of whimsy. A part of me wants to hold on to whimsy.

I want my writing to be whimsical, Maybe I’m prepared to write because I’ve learned to be a person of whimsy + wisdom.

I write for whimsy.
I need moxie to write.

Wait a second, I thought…and then I did a test with all my previous OLWs.

I write with whimsy (2019).
I need moxie (2018) to write.
I will be steadfast (2017) in writing.
I write to treasure (2016) the stories.
I write unhurried (2015).
I write so others will leap (2014) and shine (2013).
I write to offer salt (2012) to the world.
I write to connect (2011) to others.
I write for my vitality (2010).
I write to delight (2009).
I write with genuine (2008) truth.
I write to give (2007) grace (2006) to the world.

Who knew all of my previous words were preparation for write? I certainly did not expect it. As much as I want to give write the cold shoulder, it was obvious that (like it or not) my One Little Word for 2020 is write.

I’m not sure how this word will play out in my life, but I am sure I’m not putting down any expectations or cute tracking systems. I’m going to live it just like I lived whimsy — with audacious expectation for some really good things to happen.

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  1. Hello Ruth – happy to read this post. I am starting to see how my words have been leading me to this new year, new word and I look forward to seeing how we both continue to learn from these words. Always so lovely to read your writing.

  2. Ruth, this is wonderful! Congratulations on your OLW finding you. If you’re looking for a community of writers, we are writing together for 100 days in notebooks. I’d love for you to join us! #100daysofnotebooking. Either way, happy writing!

  3. I ❤️ That you’ve allowed this word to be front and center. Writing is another way of breathing for you. This makes me happy 😃.

  4. Perfect all the way around. “Time” was important to me but not inspirational. Still making my list of possible words!!! I love choosing a new word every year. Focus would be a good word, losing a lot of focus these days!!!! Thanks, Ruth, for getting me started!!! Tammy asked, also!!! Glad “Write” has finally emerged for You!!!

  5. I love how you’ve connected all your words! I’ve been thinking about mine this way in the last couple of days, the interconnectedness of them, how each led me to the next. I think you are right in that your’s led you to write.

  6. So HAPPY to see this post and your words. And I love that you’ve shown how your previous words led you to this year’s. Here’s to no expectations or cute tracking systems, just an opportunity to live your word, just as you choose. Happy new year, my friend!