Celebrate This Week No. 228


My kids had a snow day this week and I was on an eLearning day. We have a crazy rule about limited screen time in our house, even on snow days, even when I have to work. I know it would be easier if I just let them play video games and watch Netflix and consume YouTube.

They still grumble about the screen time rules, but they hush quickly with the gentle reminder that griping will only get them less screen time rather than more.

“What are we supposed to do then?” Jordan asks.

“Something that isn’t about consuming in front of a screen. If you can’t find anything or you’re bored, I can give you extra chores,” I say.

The other kids quiet Jordan. “We’re good,” they say.

I settle in for work. Soon Sam is on the floor with paper, a pen and the Sorry game. “I’m rewriting the rules to make Sorry Death Match,” he giggles an evil laugh. I focused on work.

Then they are all on the floor in front of me and Sam is explaining the updated rules for Sorry. At first I’m perturbed. They know I’m working today. I pause before I say anything.

In that pause, I recognize the gift that is before me. My teenagers are playing a childhood game together. They are choosing to be in the same room as me. They are taking time to be together. They aren’t bickering. They are making it easy for me to work.

Instead of chasing them away from “working mom,” I smile.

I take a picture for evidence that in the middle of a rocky journey of healing, there are moments of sweet goodness. There are many other moments from the week that were disheartening, but this moment gives me hope.

This moment they choose to be together and near me. This moment is evidence of healing and love. There’s nothing I’d rather celebrate.

This post is part of a weekly offering to celebrate in the middle of the muddle. I hope you join the celebration!

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  1. I love this picture and your appreciation that your teenagers (how can that be?) are choosing to be in the same room with you. Now, to the important part. Sorry Death Match rules????? I think Sam needs to take a little time and write his own blog post about those rules! He’s got me curious!

  2. I’m sitting in my living room alone, getting ready to write. There never have been children in my home, no babies, no teenagers – sometimes it’s been too quiet! For the past 38 years, I have filled my working days with children – and my tutoring nights with teenagers, and though it’s a wild workday week, I love stepping back from the chaos and watching them work, play, and learn. I have been privy to the wonders of their imagination (like Sorry Death Match rules); I’ve been fortunate to see young possibility thrive and that has helped me in my writing. Thank you for the opportunity to peer into your world.

  3. It doesn’t get any better than this on a snow day or any day, Ruth. A culmination of love and devotion has evolved.

  4. Days like your snow day are priceless. I count myself so privileged to be able to have “work days” at home and enjoy the spontaneous company of my children and my grandchildren … our backyards run together. Just this morning, I dropped my work for 30 minutes and with a short walk along the pathway between our back doors, I was at my daughter’s to enjoy the excitement of a 10-year-old’s birthday breakfast.

  5. Delighted to hear this story of the “kids” no longer, but young adults and having fun together and with their mom!

  6. I’m so glad you shared this lovely moment. It’s truly a precious gift to have them near even if they are a bit of a distraction. 😉