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Andy and the oldest three kids went to the Friday night high school football game. Sam and I stayed home because he’s not feeling well. It might have more to do with his bearded dragon who died last night rather than actually being sick.

Sam said, “I could play video games, but I’d rather sit on the couch together while you write and I read. Do you mind, Mom?”

(I didn’t mind.)

I’ve been reading Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal: not exactly a memoir since June. I haven’t finished it. I don’t want it to be over. I keep rereading some parts. I jump to new chapters every now and then. I haven’t read it all. I didn’t realize I was doing this, and now that I do, it seems too sad to finish the book. 

(I think Amy might have understood this better than I do.)

There are some bits called:

defining word.

I think I should write one of my own.

defining word


1. If you feel something, you feel it in
your heart and in your brain. You feel it
too big. This makes your eyes fill up and
your head hurt when your family goes to 
the football game, but you’re still thinking
about your pet lizard who died the night 
before. You miss your lizard even if she
wasn’t snuggly.

2. People often save things just for you 
that should be recycled because they know
you will appreciate the unique hinge of the 
box lid or the extra length of bubble wrap or
the odd size of a cardboard tube. You make 
things like giant robots and ATM machines. 
You add motors to ships and conveyor belts 
and airplanes. You create animals and race 
cars; machines and solutions. You might take
 over the dining room and tell everyone who 
comes in the front door, “Welcome to my 
inventor’s studio. This is where the magic 
happens.” Then you ask them to push a button
 on your Lego creation, which triggers a lever
 to set in motion a pulley that turns on a motor
 and cranks gears to create confetti. 

3. You can never have too much confetti (unless
 you’re a dad…sometimes dads get tired of 
picking up little bits of confetti).

4. What if, instead of being enchanted by 
eccentricities and oddities, you conformed to be 
like everyone else. Maybe you would, say, only 
wear clothes that match. I imagine you wouldn’t 
ever wear plaid and stripes together again. Your 
gym shoes would be white or grey, rather than fire 
engine red high tops that accentuate your knobby 
knees. Also, you would wear jeans, even if you think 
they are uncomfortable. And you would wear them 
with the button and zipper in front, even though the 
back pockets are more roomy and handy to have 
in front.

5. You sometimes get the sense that the important 
things to you aren’t the things other people think are 
important. For example, it might be important to finish 
sorting all of the pieces from the Lego bin so you can 
make a candy machine for smarties instead of setting 
the dinner table. Even when dinner is on the plates and 
the plates on the table and your family is sitting at the 
table waiting for napkins and silverware and prayer, and 
you are looking for the remaining perfect piece to 
complete your candy machine, you still don’t understand 
why they think forks are more important than the yellow 
Lego piece with the hole in the side.
6. You might smirk at the sky because a cloud shape 
reminds you of a silly fish you saw at the pet store last 
weekend. You chuckle at things the rest of the world is 
too busy to notice, and you never miss the oppor”pun”ity  
to be punny.

7. Theodor Seuss Geisel was proud of his quirk. Let’s not 
forget his words — “Today you are you, that is truer than 
true.There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”

8. I like quirky. 
9. Always.

I hope you have as much fun finding the celebrations as I did writing this “defining word.” Share your celebrations below!

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  1. Quirky makes life interesting, doesn't it? I'm so sorry, Sam.
    Ruth, I know what you mean about not wanting to finish Textbook. My heart hurts every time I pick up one of her books, because she is gone.

  2. Quirky, one of the quintessential great words. And such a delightful description of this boy who was read to spend Friday night reading while his mother was writing. I haven't read Textbook, but your words make me want to get to it. I'm sorry about the loss of your pet, Sam. I still remember the video your mom posted of your dragon racing on a car Did I get that right?

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