Have FUN {CELEBRATE This Week: 212}

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! 

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I sent this gif to Andy today with the message, “I want this.”

He thought I was funny.

I like taking time to be lighthearted.

When life gets busy and important, the first thing to go is humor and smiles and cheer. The most important thing I’ve realized since starting my new job as a director of a professional development consortium is to remain lighthearted.

I used to think if I were lighthearted then I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Now I just think this is a silly idea.

The best thing I have to offer is joy. 

If I want to be a leader who uplifts others, then I need to be a leader who is lighthearted. The same is true for my life as a momma…and a wife…and a friend…and a customer…and pretty much any other role in life.

The best way to uplift others is to be lighthearted. 

I’m celebrating the truth that lighthearted laughter is the mark of a strong leader. Just for fun, consider adding a gif to one of your emails or texts. Just do a quick Google search. For example, I searched “Mary Poppins GIF” and in a handful of seconds found exactly what I wanted.

Here’s to having FUN!


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  1. Just yesterday i was texting with my daughters and sent a gif response. They were impressed that their old mom could do that. I thank you for keeping the lightheartedness alive.

  2. Life is so seriously hard. Making an intention to be lighthearted is refreshing and joyful. As I get older, I am trying to do that more and more in my life. Thank you for your words today, Ruth.