Not Busy {CELEBRATE This Week: 209}

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! 

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Weekly celebrations by the numbers…

  • 28 sandwiches for kid lunches
  • 5 games, matches or performances
  • 15 loads of laundry
  • 9 dishwasher fills and empties
  • 45+ showers
  • 7 gallons of milk
  • 8 dozen homemade cookies
  • 23 cups of hot tea (all of the kids are hot tea drinkers)
We are in the thick of life with kids. They are active. They are healthy. They are growing up. I celebrate these numbers.

There are some days when I write an after school schedule so Andy and I can be sure everyone is picked up, dropped off and back home. Usually we have an extra kid or two to pick up, drop off or take home.

We also believe in creating space for relaxation and play. So even though the schedule sees to bulge, each of our kids has time to be home and do their own things to relax. Sam builds with Legos. Jordan plays Madden football. Hannah watches a Hallmark show. Stephanie plays with the dog in the backyard.

I convince them to go on bike rides and walks with me. We throw the frisbee in the front yard. They make dessert with me in the kitchen. We squeeze in a game of Skipbo before bed.

Andy watches baseball (or football or hockey or basketball, depending on the season) with his friends. I write.

This week Andy and I sat together in the tippy-top of metal bleachers watching Jordan play football. Stephanie sat beside us eating the second meal of the day out of her lunch box. Hannah was at work and band practice. My mom helped out by picking up Sam from tennis practice. They had dinner for two at Dairy Queen.

Life is packed right now, but that doesn’t mean we are busy. We are enjoying each beautiful moment and holding it tight. Perhaps the number that I’m celebrating most right now is: ONE.

1 full heart


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  1. Life filled to the brim creates a happy heart. These days will pass and you will soon be wondering where they went. Savor every moment!

  2. Just wondering about those 8 dozen homemade cookies . . . were they headed for the freezer or some other worthy cause? My husband's mom kept cookies in the freezer (hiding them, or so she thought, from 5 kids) and he prefers them frozen! Weird, huh? And my favorite words from this post – “We are enjoying each beautiful moment and holding it tight.” No wonder you're celebrating with a full heart!