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Yesterday, on her way past me, dear Diane slipped this onto my computer. “I’ve been thinking about this conference and how last year others gave me little gifts, so last night I put this together.”

I hugged her tight. I couldn’t resist. I met Diane, like I’ve met many who are dear to me,  years ago through our blogs.

This year’s conference was a very different experience for me. It began with Mindy announcing her retirement and that this year will be a transition year. Through a grant supported by Dekko, the new director will work alongside Mindy for the year. The grant also provided a web coordinator, adding one more person to the team.

Mindy announced Inga Omondi as the new web coordinator.
Then she introduced me as the new All Write Director.

I smiled and brought my composition notebook to the stage with me. It is not a surprise that I returned to a composition notebook and Flair pen to determine what words to say. I ended with these:

One of my favorite picture books (as if I could select a favorite) is Miss Rumphius. In it, Miss Rumphius is challenged by her grandfather–
You must do something to make the world more beautiful.
Miss Rumphius sows lupine seeds.
I find it a delightful privilege to be like Miss Rumphius by sowing seeds. Although not lupines, the seeds I sow will grow educators — teachers, coaches, support staff, instructional leaders, and administrators. And in a serendipitous occurrence, you will in turn sow more seeds, investing in the lives of children. I can think of no better way to make the world more beautiful.

This year, I was an observer at the conference. I stayed aware of the behind the scenes happenings. I watched, documented and snuck away for lunch with those who make me feel good about being me. 

Today I celebrate a new job and the new adventures it will entail. 


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  1. Congratulations and the best of wishes, Ruth! You'll be wonderful in this new role. I've missed All Write two years, now, maybe time to come just to soak in some friendship! Have a grand rest of the conference!

  2. What an exciting adventure ahead of you, Ruth. All the best in everything! Wish I were closer and could attend alongside the other fortunate teachers you will impact.

  3. We are so lucky to have you making our world beautiful. Thank you, Ruth, and congratulations! Hoping for All Write next year as well. Need to set up the savings program!

  4. How exciting!
    As I read this and the many tweets about you, I think about how you are a blessing to sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many.

  5. I'm so thrilled to see you stepping into this new role. My two years at All Write conferences are wonderful memories of learning, friendship, and laughter. I hope to make it again one of these days. Could you set up a session for us retired folks?

  6. Observing…aware…sneaking away for that lunch…you will definitely be ready to step into this new adventure. Thank you for all the ways you share you!

  7. Congratulations, Ruth on the new position. It is a position that is well-suited for you. You will be an amazing Director of All Write. I am late to the Celebrate This Week party but wanted to share my continued joy. Even though my grandbaby is states away, my joy keeps mounting.