Let me help you plan a writing celebration!

Are you looking for a fast way to plan a formal writing celebration?

Sometimes at the end of the year, it can feel overwhelming to plan one more thing. The truth of the matter is you have time to make a plan for a meaningful writing celebration.

I know because I’ve helped lots of teachers make quick plans for powerful writing celebrations.

Last weekend I found myself with a little extra time, so I began imagining ways I could help more teachers plan an end of the year writing celebration.

By the end of the weekend, I created a new mini-course. It’s designed to be a fast guide to help you plan a writing celebration. I pretended that we had time to grab a cup of coffee and chat through a celebration for your classroom. I created a few videos inspired by the conversations I’ve been having with teachers in my neck of the woods.

Then I thought about the things I would offer to print for your students. I created a handful of PDFs and added them to the mini-course.

In just an hour or two, you’ll have a meaningful writing celebration planned for your students.

Check out the Fast Guide to Writing Celebrations. Because I’m trained in education and not in business, there’s an insane early bird price for the mini-course.

For just a few dollars, you’ll learn:

  • Celebration messages to anchor your celebration
  • The three components to a genuine celebration — 
    • Response
    • Reflection
    • Rejoicing
  • A process for planning a meaningful writing celebration
And you’ll get:
  • 5 video lessons (each around 5 minutes)
  • A printable PDF of the Celebration Messages
  • A Response Sheet for primary grades
  • A Comment Sheet for upper grades
  • A list of Interview Questions for Writers to use as a reflection
  • A template to guide you in planning a formal celebration

Leave a comment and let me know about your plans to celebrate your students as writers. Happy teaching, everyone!

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