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I waver between a love and hate relationship with stacking Friday night words. All day I was looking forward to writing tonight, but when the time finally came it was a struggle.
The boys are putting finishing touches on Sam’s Pinewood Derby car. The race is tomorrow. Sam is making adjustments, Andy is his assistant and Jordan is the DJ, selecting heavy metal tunes off Andy’s playlist.
I might be procrastinating. Finally I pull out my computer and settle on the couch. Sam brings me a Lego creation he built last night. “Here’s a new writing partner to keep you company,” he said, walking the husky pup across my keyboard and setting her beside me.
“Kids at school are giving me free build Lego challenges.” A husky was last night’s challenge.  Then Sam said, “I know finishing things can be hard, so this guy will keep you company as you finish your book.”
It must be a little magic, because suddenly I have a few paragraphs. Writing always gives more than it takes. We just have to make space.
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  1. A free build Lego challenge + a son who knows that finishing things can be hard = magical writing on Friday night. Any educator who writes on Friday night is a magician in my book. Write on, Ruth!

  2. Ruth, it was so thoughtful of Sam to offer you a partner so that writing would not be a struggle. I love these words: Writing always gives more than it takes. We just have to make space.

  3. I just realized that I hadn't commented and told you that having Sam as a giver of muses is quite fortunate. Love that he's taking challenges at school, too!

  4. I love the idea of a writing buddy to keep me company. Enjoy the one you had made for you; the one that came from the heart!

  5. That Sam is so awesome! I remember the days of the Pinewood Derby from my son (who is now a freshman in college). For my son's pack, it was just as much about the fun for the dads as it was for the sons. Hope Andy had a good time too!