Let Us Eat Cake! {CELEBRATE This Week: 180}

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! 

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I made cake on an ordinary Thursday. It was an old recipe, handed down through generations on Andy’s side of the family. I sifted flour. I baked the Old-Fashioned Red Velvet Cake in heart shaped pans, just like my mom used to do. 
I put it on a fancy cake stand, the one with a pedestal and dome lid. It was waiting on the counter when everyone came home. They smelled it before they saw it.
Martha said, “I am so excited! Please tell me that’s for us!” I didn’t know cake is her favorite. 
This is how I fight the lie of busy. I sift flour and bake cakes in heart shaped pans. I make a two-step frosting, the kind with boiled milk, and I spread it pretty. I let them sneak-swipe their fingers in the icing and cherry pick the chocolate savings. I act surprised when I hear the glass dome clink and tattle on the culprits.
And just like that, there is much right in the world as we eat cake.


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  1. I love this story because baking has been a family love starting with my grandmother. My family and friends have many stories revolving around cakes and cookies. I have been downstairs taking a break writing while my baking mess is waiting for me. It is going to be late night clean up duty but we have to enjoy the baking time because it brings joy. Thanks for reminding me it is time to clean up, Ruth.

  2. I remember when I would come home to “homemade” cookies and I would think my mom was the BEST!!! I lifted this line “This is how I fight the lie of busy.” which I will be thinking about this long weekend. Happy Saturday Ruth and thank you for your support as a teacher of writing.

  3. “This is how I fight the lie of busy.” I was thinking this same thing myself last week as I spent three hours preparing dinner on Saturday afternoon. I started getting frustrated that it was taking so much of my day, then I stopped and thought: This is what I do. This is what my family will remember. This is what matters. Busy does tell lies. Cake helps us remember the truth.

  4. Food, whether it be baking or dinners, has always been the lead to special memories for me and hopefully for my children as well. I think I need to bake something today – a cherry pie would be my family's vote!

  5. The smell of home baked goodness coming from the kitchen, nothing is better! And these words from your post: “I act surprised when I hear the glass dome clink and tattle on the culprits. And just like that, there is much right in the world as we eat cake.” Glad you fought the lie of busy to arrive at this very right place with those you love.