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Oh boy!
Have you ever had news that feels so big that you’re a little nervous to say it out loud?
I think this is a sign of a dream coming true.

It only makes since that I whisper the news to you, this sweet community of people who celebrate.

It’s been a big dream of mine to offer online course for teachers to help make teaching writers manageable. I’ve been dreaming this dream for awhile. Sometimes dreams feel more like wishes. Sometimes dreams feel impossible.

And every now and then dreams come close to coming true.

Lean in, my friends. I’m not sure I can say it above a whisper yet.

I’m getting ready to launch my first online course from Discover. Play. Build. 

The heart of writing workshop is conferring. Not surprisingly, the hardest part of writing workshop is conferring. If we want to make teaching writers more manageable, then we tackle conferring.

I’ve walked alongside hundreds of teachers who have learned and refined the art of conferring with writers. Strengthening conferring skills transforms writing instruction from vague ideas to clear teaching points and precise differentiation.

The fastest way to make this transformation is to learn to keep solid conferring notes. Conferring notes expedite the process because they hold us accountable to lifting the level of conferences, and they support more growth in students as writers.

Soon I plan to open a free 3 session mini-course to give a taste of the bigger course, Conferring Notes 101. It’s been super fun to put together. For the free mini-course videos, I’m wearing some of my favorite writer shirts and sharing the best content from the course. I want it to have the feel and mindset of Saturday morning. No hurries and time to reflect. (We can ignore Andy who says if I really want to look like a writer, I’d be in yoga pants, a worn sweatshirt, a ball cap and wrapped in a quilt. That Andy — he *thinks* he’s funny.)

You might want to pick up my free training, 3 Secrets to Powerful Conferences, by filling out the form below. (This is different than Conferring Notes 101.) It’s a good taste for how the sessions will go. Plus, we’ll be Email Pals (if we aren’t already), and you’ll be among the first to know when the mini-course goes live!

Thanks for showing up each week and celebrating. It’s nice to know that no matter the week, we can find reasons to celebrate.

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  1. Ruth, what an exciting pathway you are on. May your new venture be a great success. I am going to sign up but you must excuse me if I cannot fully engage due to the activities I am involved with at this time. I agree with you that the heart of the writing workshop is conferring. During those exchanges, new moves are found and new pathways opened for young writers. The Best of Luck to You!

  2. How wonderful to see dreams become reality. So happy for you. I look forward to viewing your videos and will certainly pass the word along. Here's to you as you launch your craft into new waters!

  3. Yay, Ruth! So looking forward to this. I am on a similar path to figuring out where I'm going next in my professional journey. These things take time. So glad your dream is taking the shape you want for it.

  4. So many congratulations for you, Ruth! You have worked hard on this dream and it is so exciting to see it become a reality for you. I'm looking forward to learning more from you. You inspire me!


  5. Ruth thank you for being brave and sharing your wealth of knowledge about conferring. I watched the video and your words spoke to me, I celebrate your commitment to helping teachers as well as their writers.

  6. Congratulations on this new venture, Ruth. I know you will stretch your influence about teaching writing even more through these classes. And they will be wonderful for those who work with you! Woo Hoo!

  7. You know, Ruth, I'm sad that this at-home PD from you comes too late for me. But I'm sharing it with my niece. This line is at the heart of what you're doing: “Strengthening conferring skills transforms writing instruction from vague ideas to clear teaching points and precise differentiation.” Oh, where were you back when I needed you? So glad you can share your expertise gained from many years with so many teachers. Dreams coming true!

  8. Ruth – I am so very excited for you! What an amazing journey you have been on to get to this moment. Congratulations!! We will all benefit from this!