OLW #12 {CELEBRATE This Week:173}

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! 

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My One Little Word for 2017 has claimed me. I’m welcoming it with open arms, adding it to my collection.


Steadfast. Its roots mean standing firm. I look back at my collection of words and it makes sense to select steadfast next. I’m determined to stand firm as my words continue to wrap around me and provide direction for the way I live. I will be steadfast in faith and love and work and writing. I will remain faithful in the small things.

In 2015, I created a video to document a decade of OLW. Perhaps you’ll find it inspiring and encouraging to select a word to live beside in 2017.

Happy 2017! Here’s to celebrating!


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  1. Steadfast…it sounds like a word that will serve you well. Remaining faithful in the small things will keep you steadfast daily. That's where life really is…in the dailiness of it.

  2. Steadfast is a wonderful word! I always think of it as a companion of courage, faith, and strength. What a challenge, what a commission for 2017! May your heart be filled with peace and joy in 2017.

  3. Happy New Year! Thank you for encouraging celebrations and sharing your new OLW. In your faith and family life I believe it's perfect.

  4. I love this, Ruth. An adjective that calls you to a higher level–steadfast love, steadfast grace. An adverb that qualifies your verb–love steadfastly, live steadfastly, shine steadfastly. Doing what you do with fidelity, consistency, and resolutely–purpose clear. Wishing you a 2017 blessed where you are able to be true to your steadfast calling. Great word–a qualifier that ups the ante.

  5. Ruth, your video is inspiring me to create. I am actually hosting a blogging party of one little words at Spiritual Journey Thursday on Jan. 5th at my blog. Perhaps, you will join us with your video. Happy New Year to you.

  6. I'm late to posting, but I adore your word – steadfast! I love how you pay homage to all your words with this sentence: ” I'm determined to stand firm as my words continue to wrap around me and provide direction for the way I live.” They do become a part of the fabric of our lives. So grateful for your steadfastness and direction you provide for our writing lives.

  7. Yay! I love steadfast for you and 2017. Love it so much. You are a wonderful, solid rock, with little sparkly bits mixed in with the black and white and gray and pink of rocks, strong and steadfast. xo

  8. What a great way to start the new year. I am using this in my back to school talk. Thanks for sharing your ideas and allowing me to be part of your journey.