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This week I stood on the edge of my parents’ woods. I was alone, and the world was big around me. The leaves tumbled from the tip top of tall, thin trees. The wind swayed. The trees creaked. The air chilled, and the sky churned grey. I closed my eyes and breathed deep the smell of fall in Indiana.
There is something cathartic for me about everything falling down, chilling out, and laying to rest. The root of cathartic is the Greek word, katharsis. It means cleansing. 
Things fall down, chill out, and lay to rest and I feel cleansed. Amen.
I like living in Indiana because we have four distinct seasons. I’m reminded that a season never remains. This is true in life too. My life seasons never remain because we are constantly running the race before me. 
Fall is always a welcomed relief. The whole big world commands me to fall down, chill out, and rest.  I’m obliging the season. It seems I need a bit of practice when it comes to relaxing. 
In 2015 I lived unhurried.
In 2016 I’ve been living treasure.
It seems I’ve gotten a little mixed-up. In an effort to treasure every glimmer of life, I’ve forgotten that the true treasure is unhurried moments of allowing life to unfold.
As this season of falling down shifts into a season of gratitude rolled into advent, I will treasure unhurried moments. The heart of this mindset is knowing that I am not in control. My job is to simply believe in the goodness of God.
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  1. So lovely to see the smiling picture of you. Thank you for inviting us to celebrate here. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and cherish the unhurried moments.

  2. I also love the seasons in Ohio but my favorite it Fall. The colors and the cooler weather are a few of my celebrations. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and find the treasures.

  3. “The true treasure is unhurried moments of allowing life to unfold.” Love the wisdom you share with us. Here's to more unhurried moments in your life and mine.