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The sky is grey. The rain is tapping. The weekend stretches ahead. I’m in the house alone. 

I have a book to finish. 
It is a battle of epic proportions.
I am a gallant warrior.
I wield a brave heart,
a belief in the power of story,
and gritty celebration.

I’ve honed the skill of whirling words into sentences,
making them line up and
penetrate hearts,
in order to change minds and practices.

This is a book of enticing kids to write…
understanding the kids who need enticing,
setting the stage for kids to be enticed,
and the necessary moves to entice kids to write.

This is a book of embracing Story (yes, Story with a capital S)…
it cracks open the stories of my own children who have hard histories in foster care,
it taps the power of writing to make sense of the world and to give kids’ voices power in shaping the world,
and calls educators to action in helping  students to rewrite the way their life stories can go.

It is a privilege and an honor to write this book.
I never understood the term lifework…
until now.

This book is my lifework. It blends my storylines of momma, writer, and teacher into a guide for teachers in the trenches. It corrals brain research, stories, and practical strategies for enticing students to write. The purpose isn’t just to teach kids to write. The purpose is so much bigger.

It’s about empowering all children (and their teachers) to believe their stories matter. Each life is worthy. This is a book about learning to write (and rewrite) our lives into powerful forces of good.

I can’t wait for it to be in your hands.
The problem is each time I begin to get a little traction, things go haywire in our home. Right now is no exception.

I’m going to fight the good fight by writing.


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  1. Go, go, go, go Ruth!!! Your lifework inspires all of us to do our own. I hope this weekend brings you much “traction.” Let those words fly. {Can't wait for your book to be in my hands either!}

  2. Yes, Ruth, keep writing! You can do it! You have a legion of cheerleaders cheering for every word you type. Can't wait to read this work!

  3. Here's to another day of fighting the good fight and continuing the quest “… empowering all children (and their teachers) to believe their stories matter.” Your words bless so many, and I look forward to your new book.

  4. The spirit of writing allows us to move through the intricacies of life. Perseverant we are our community of writers as evidenced by your powerful words, Ruth. We are here to engage in our lifework and support each other as we write our lives. You said it best in your short piece. Best of luck to you, Ruth, as you find your inner self, persevere on your journey while championing the communities' charge to seek positivity.