CELEBRATE This Week {109}

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! Share a link to your blog post below and/or use #celebratelu to share celebrations on Twitter. Check out the details here. Celebrate This Week goes live on Friday night around 10(ish). Consider it as a weekend celebration. Whenever it fits in your life, add your link. Please leave a little comment love for the person who links before you.

 I’m glad you are here to celebrate. I posted earlier about gritty joy. I hope you’ll read it.
Meanwhile, I’m squeezing every drop out of #NCTE15 until I leave to drive home this afternoon. I’m celebrating the way joy and grief and celebration and hard live shoulder to shoulder.
I hope you’ll celebrate this weekend too.

My offerings to encourage writers (and their teachers), because I’m smitten by the way writers work…
My brand new online course for Choice Literacy: Writing Workshop Basics is open for registration. It’s all about molding writing workshop to be a well-oiled machine. This is one of my very favorite topics and I’m excited for the opportunity to get to share, inspire, and interact with an online class.
{Discover. Play. Build.} Website. It’s designed to be my offering to writing teachers. 
You’ll find video minilessons and a link to the {Discover. Play. Build.} YouTube Channel where they are all housed.
{Discover. Play. Build.} Newsletter. They come each month. Register in the sidebar. 
( For more information on these resources (and others), check out this post.)
Places you can find me celebrating throughout the week:
Instagram:  @ruth_ayres
Twitter: @ruth_ayres

Celebrate here!



  1. I'm so glad you were able to go to NCTE. I'm jealous too, but super happy that you are having that experience. Soak it up and I hope you share about some of your learning and connecting later.

  2. Congratulations on your successful presentation yesterday Ruth. I would imagine your session is among your celebrations this week – both being able to share your thoughts and being a part of the team that you presented with. I was able to see your session but didn't say hi afterward because it seemed like you were going to have a flow of audience members checking in.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful time at NCTE Ruth. I'm sure everyone loved your session. That's the hardest part of not being there, missing the friends presentations! Happy Thanksgiving!