CELEBRATE This Week XCV (95)

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One full week of school is under my belt. I’m breathing. Sipping coffee. Writing in my notebook. Collecting celebrations. Shifting my perspective with each celebration I unearth.

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Before this list, I was thinking about everything I didn’t get done and everyone I thought I let down. I was thinking I need to stop wasting so much time. I was thinking about how I waste opportunities because I’m too busy dropping the ball or exhausted from not getting to bed earlier.

Because I took the time to collect a handful of celebrations, I’m able to see more clearly. I see now that there were moments treasured, not wasted. I inspired rather than harmed. I lived fully this week. 

I posted this on Instagram around mid-week.


The caption read: Meet Clunker. I hope he doesn’t eat too much! Sam insisted to send the photo to his teacher. So we texted it along with this message: This is Sam. Isn’t Clunker cute? It turns out he likes cow legs for chew toys, but Mom won’t let those in the house.
Yesterday during the school day Clunker got tired and fell over for a nap. When I arrived home, I couldn’t pull into the garage because the boys were creating Indy cars from Clunker parts. (Just a little aside, Clunker’s body was a coal tender last week.) 
Jennifer Laffin pointed me toward Caine’s Arcade. Sam and I watched the short film and checkout the website this morning. I’m touched by this story. The way creativity is valued and the hearts of people to empower and encourage creativity within one another moves me.
I’m affirmed that my belief in play is crucial. It is not fluff. It is the fuel of powerful movements and life touching projects. Here is the first chart I put into “play” this week.

I’m learning unhurried doesn’t mean a sparse to-do list. Unhurried doesn’t mean I have hours unfolding with nothing to do. Unhurried means in the midst of running kids and encouraging teachers and writing chapters and driving and cooking and walking and drying dishes that I remember to laugh. I remember to enjoy this journey. I’m not going to pass this way again. Unhurried means I remember life is magical and I see this truth.

I hope you, too, take the time to discover your own celebrations and share them below.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder that unhurried CAN and DOES occur in those very busy moments. My OLW is responsiveness. I often think about my responses that in busy moments seem to lead me to having an annoying demeanor. You remind me to laugh asy response! Thank you.

  2. Unhurried is a word I wish I had embraced as a young mother. I would have appreciated the mess a little more, I think. Embracing the play is so important. Thanks for this reminder, to slow down and laugh.

  3. Ruth, The discipline of celebrating and being grateful is powerful!!! I love the quote in your notebook page. It's one of my favorites!!! I love your explanation of the word unhurried. YES! YES! YES!!! And notebooks as playgrounds?!?! I've been writing about THAT all summer. Cool to see it here too! I'm going to tweet/instagram a notebook page a day. I'd love to see you pages too! #sharingournotebooks

  4. ” Unhurried means I remember life is magical and I see this truth.” Remembering that life is magical – reminds me of a quote I had to stop and write down yesterday from my current audio book, Echo. “Once, long before enchantment was eclipsed by doubt…”
    I love the photo of your notebook page. Makes me want to write more in my notebook instead of composing on the computer. Hmm – could be a STRETCH goal.

  5. Life is magical, especially when there are good people touching your life. My wish for you is that you continue on this journey unhurried and reveling in all the wonder that surrounds you.