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Not everybody gets to be an aunt. Long before I wanted to be a momma, I wanted to be the best aunt in the universe. I got to be an aunt to these two before I was even officially married into the family.
Their mommy let me be their aunt. It’s not something I take lightly. You have to be allowed to be involved in lives. Being an aunt soothed my soul when I didn’t get to be a momma.
At age two, they were the world’s cutest ring bearer and flower girl. (Andy and his sister, Abbie, are in the photo too…not that you really notice them for all the cuteness of Madison and Cole. Note the bag of Cheerios in Cole’s hand. Madison was more discreet with her flower girl basket full of Cheerios.)
Of course, the fun was just beginning. 
A couple of blinks and a handful of ballgames and parties and holidays and recitals and suddenly they are all grown up, dressed in caps and gowns. You know it’s going to happen, but when it does, when it really happens, you can’t help but catch your breath by the sheer awe of it all.
One moment you’re there —

Then the next you’re here —

And I find myself completely overwhelmed by all of the emotions. No one ever told me that being the best aunt in the universe means they grow up faster than you expect and they’ll tower over you and then they go on to live these beautiful imperfect lives that just make you love them more.

No one ever told me that their hugs get better the older they get. They don’t just hug you just because you’re the best aunt in the universe, but because they love you back.

Cole and Maddie, your resilience amazes me.
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  1. I can see that you understand that the job of an aunt is not one to be taken lightly. :)) I also consider myself to be a “Favorite Auntie” and absolutely adore my niece and nephew. Such a special bond!

  2. This is so sweet. It made me tear up a bit. I am so hoping to be the best auntie ever to my nieces, but it is so hard being across the country from them. I love how you wrote that being an auntie “soothed your soul” when you didn't get to be a momma. I am trying to let my status as auntie do the same. I just wish they were closer.

  3. Thank you Ruth!!! I don't have any children of my own, so the role of auntie is the most special that I hold!!! My nephew and niece hold my heart!!! They are 5 & 6 years old right now. I LOVE each and every moment we get to spend together. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Ruth, I enjoyed reading your post on being an Aunt, a distinguished title that I hold with my little cousins. I am their Aunt and my husband is the Guy. The only problem is that they live about 8 hours away and we don't get to see them like I would love to.

  5. Whatever role you take on, you do with such heart. I'm not surprised that you are the most favorite aunt. You create a special bond with everyone who touches any facet of your life.

  6. 85 weeks of celebrating with you! I love these pics of your sweet niece and nephew. And the one of them towering over their favorite aunt in their graduation gowns – priceless!