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Someone sent me a thank you note. The old-fashioned kind, where it’s blank inside and you use your own handwriting to fill it up.  I didn’t do anything to deserve this thank you. I didn’t take a meal or give a gift or help with a project. The return address wasn’t from a close friend or family member. 
The thank you was simple, but loud to my soul. I’ve had the privilege to invite the whole town to be part of a bible study. In the process, it’s becoming a network for women of faith in our community.
It was a natural step, but one that felt risky. It was a step waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. It’s been a step where I’ve battled the the voices in my head that tell me I’m ridiculous.
Recently, I’ve been wondering if maybe all this working-up of my soul, stepping into new writing territories and chasing down a dream I never expected, but makes a lot of sense, is totally smoke and mirrors.
At the same time, I’ve been flooded and nourished by messages and scripture and teachings to never give up. 
Give Up.
I thought maybe I was just making it all up — these steps I keep taking are maybe on the wrong path. Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing. Or studying. Or teaching.
I look down at that handwritten thank you note and I realize it’s more than an off-handed note. It’s sustenance. It’s evidence. It’s the grit that I need.
I will stay the course. Dreams are only accomplished when we don’t let go when things get a little rocky. 
I celebrate staying strong, even when it feels like it doesn’t matter.
We have been celebrating for 81 weeks. I. Love. This. 81 times we’ve been coming together to find the joy in the midst of life. 81 times we’ve dug to find magic in the muddle. 81 times we chose to celebrate rather than wallow. 81 is significant enough to change a life. 
It has changed mine. Thank you for investing in this corner of cyberspace. It comes as no small thing that you chose to celebrate here.
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  1. I. too. love. this.
    Some weeks – many weeks – this week – it is downright hard to think I should – could – might celebrate. Yet, I feel compelled to do so….it might just be “staying strong through all the days of our lives”…..thank you for hosting and compelling us to come….through cyberspace

  2. Finding the magic in the muddle- what a perfect description. And “loud to my soul” is a phrase that is going to stay with me. Noticing those moments, people, things- a gift. Good for you for staying strong. I feel sure it does matter.

  3. 81 IS significant enough to change a life. Thank you!!! And I LOVE your story about the thank you note. I try to do that as often as I can. SAY thank you! Express it. It means a lot. So to you Ruth, thank you! This has been an important place for me to write. I am grateful for this little corner of cyberspace. Thank you!

  4. OH, a hand-written thank you/appreciation note is for sure nourishment to the soul. 81 celebrations – thank you so much for creating this celebration space for us!

  5. Yes, thank you so much for making this space for us to gather and celebrate. You inspire and lead even when you may not feel like a leader. I'm so glad you're here. 🙂

  6. Ruth, your effervescent spirit is always apparent in your celebrations. Thank you for providing this space for the community of reflective practitioners of life to enjoy each other's weekly events.

  7. First time I am posting on your site Ruth but have been reading with interest your blog for a long time now. Since you are an Mother of adopted children your advise and humor and celebrations have been an inspiration to me.

  8. Gestures like that thank you note show us how much we value being connected to others, and knowing they value the relationship. Thanks for giving us this space, Ruth!

  9. As I read…

    As I reread ones I have already read…

    I find myself wishing I had a little file in my head to remember all the wise words you share…like this one…

    “I celebrate staying strong, even when it feels like it doesn't matter.”

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful things God does in your life, what He teaches you, and more…