Vintage Slice 31

March 31, 2011

March reminded me to take care of myself.
March reminded me of the power of a writing community.
March reminded me I am determined.
March reminded me my words make a difference to other’s lives.
March reminded me I’m busy.
March reminded me ordinary days are my passion.
March reminded me to let go of unrealistic expectations.
March reminded me to breathe.
March reminded me each day is a gift.

It’s been many years since a month has whirled me around like March 2011. Emotions swirling. Life swarming. Days filled to the brim. Thank goodness I’ve been living like a writer: paying attention to the details;  collecting words every single day; pushing myself to really see life.

Thank you for helping me realize these reminders this month. I needed them. I am forever changed. And this is a good thing. Because life is about growing, changing, connecting, and becoming the best possible versions of ourselves. March reminded me this can’t happen in isolation.
Vintage Slice

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