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This week, I celebrate an eclectic writing process. Several things this week have forced me into reflection about my own writing process. I celebrate these realizations.

  1. It is good to share our stories. For many years I’ve been sharing my professional story.
  2. I have a number of people who invest in me as a writer. This keeps me going.
  3. I’ve been stomping around the territories of adoption and faith for awhile, but I’m compelled to chase after them like I have my professional story.
  4.  I’m realizing all the things I’ve loved to do as a writer of professional material are things I can do writer of adoption and faith. I can still research and imagine and dream up the possibilities of faith in action. I can test and practice and record the results. I can weave a story and share it with others.
  5. Life is a journey and my life as a writer is not an exception to this truth. I’m ready to jump into a new river and see where it takes me. Some moments this is more scary than exciting, which leads me to this celebration:
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  1. Ruth, I love your professional writing AND I love your writing on faith and adoption. I love reading about your process and I can't wait to watch where you take it!!! Thank you for sharing so much of your process here and providing a place for us to join in!!!

  2. Most times, jumping in is the best thing to do. Then you can splash around and feel what the water's really like! Love what you said, Ruth. Best wishes in all the kinds of writing.

  3. You not only do hard things, you do amazing things. Your writing as a professional and as a person of faith has inspired and sustained me in ways you will never know. I simply say thank you and please keep writing.

  4. Thanks for those five words: “I can do hard things.” You are an inspiration to me. So glad that you continue to weave your story and share it with us.

  5. Yes, it is good to share our stories. Our stories matter. Aside from that, the act of sharing them strengthens us. Thank you for encouraging so many in writing and being an inspiration.

  6. I celebrate you – that you give us a space to celebrate stories. I am a prolific reader and reluctant writer. Thanks to spaces like this, it encourages me to write and in a positive way!

  7. Your words ALWAYS inspire. Jumping into the new river might be scary at first, but you've got it, you can do it. Many are there to throw you a floating device when you feel like you are about to sink, but I know you won't sink. You've got this!

  8. I liked the picture you shared. The photo on the left makes me wonder who the second person is reading the Bible with you – wondering if it is your husband or one of your kids (or whole family). Thank you for that glimpse into an important part of your life.

    I am excited to see where your writing life will take you and the glimpses you give us along the way. Your story continues to hold power and inspiration.

  9. Ruth, this line of yours says it all for me: “I'm ready to jump into a new river and see where it takes me.” The canvas of your story is wide and expansive. Being a risk-taker is admirable in life, writing, motherhood, and teaching.s