Vintage Slice 26

December 13, 2011


Andy, my husband, makes blog “appearances,” from time to time, but usually only as a part of a post, a piece of a story. Sometimes he hijacks our family blog, the one I keep just for us, but never, not ever, would he consider hijacking my other blogs, mostly because writing isn’t his “thing,” as he calls it. Yesterday was Andy’s birthday, so I could slice about that…but what did I want to capture? Spinning this idea in my mind, I realized I want to capture him.

  1. He has this calm about him, the kind that is made of patience and deep-rooted faith and confidence. He doesn’t really get worked up about stuff, but rather, he takes life as it comes, never too seriously and always confident that it will be okay.
  2. He dotes on me. And the kids. And our families. And anyone who walks through our front door. I get a glimpse of what it means to have a servant’s heart when I watch Andy with people. You know, he makes me a cup of hot tea every single morning, and I’ve never once heard him grumble about it.
  3.  He can make me laugh and smile and forget that I’m overwhelmed and wishing I could do more — or at the very least get it right, whatever that means. He keeps the perspective on the things that really matter, joy and giggles, not laundry and dishes. And then, here’s the remarkable part, he makes sure the dishes are clean at the end of the day, proof that I really don’t need to worry.

He’s 34 now, so there’s 3, plus 4 more that you would know if you could hang out with him…

  1. He is a sports nut. Indianapolis Colts football; St. Louis Blues hockey; St. Louis Cardinals baseball…those are the main ones. But they aren’t enough — IU basketball; Purdue football; Komets hockey. And recently professional soccer — he’s learning the teams, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca…learning the players, and even starting to watch the games.
  2. He likes steak and he prefers to make it himself.
  3. A hard rock station or talk radio is tuned in his car, a black SUV.
  4. He can make anyone feel comfortable, usually by telling a crazy story from his past.
Vintage Slice

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