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I love to think about the things I didn’t know when I wrote a post. I didn’t know we were going to adopt more children when I wrote this post. If you could look into my heart at the time, you would have seen a woman very closed to adopting older children. Five months later our daughters, Hannah (age 6) and Stephanie (age 4) came home and we became a forever family.
October 10, 2007

Finally home.  Finally together.  After more than two weeks of missing Dad, he was finally home.  And even though it was past bedtime and the day had been long with no nap, they still took the time to sit together and play.

The gifts from Peru melted my heart.  He took the time to find something special for our son.  Something unique.  Something that would remind him of the children in Peru.  And, most importantly, he took the time to sit down and play.

Even now, months after his return, these two can be found nightly making music with the gifts from Peru.  And he can be found daily praying for the orphans in Peru and around the world.

The man in the photo was changed when he returned.  He had seen the world and was empowered to change it.   And although he knew it before, he is even more determined to let that change begin at home — with himself; with his son; with his family.  And who knows, maybe someday he will impact the world in big ways for kids without homes across the globe.

I see now that this photo isn’t about the gifts you see a man giving his son, but the gifts you don’t see.  The gifts of time and patience and unconditional love and caring for others.  These are the gifts that will change the world for the better.
Vintage Slice

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