Truths from CELEBRATE This Week

Celebration isn’t about finding the fun, rather celebration is about shifting perspective.

I’ve been trying to give words to gritty celebration. A friend has spent hours, months, years talking this through with me and Friday nudged me in the direction of perspective. This week, I took time to really SEE the celebrations posted. I continue to be completely enamored by the CELEBRATE This Week community and I was touched by the common perspectives. Check out these truths, inspired by CELEBRATE This Week community. (We need a catchy name, don’t we?) I hope you’ll consider celebrating with us each week.

Celebration isn’t about finding fun.
Celebration is about turning our perspectives.

Leigh Ann writes about the skewed standardized test procedures for young students, and she ends with resolve: As disgruntled as I am tonight, I still love teaching.  I will walk in Monday morning with a smile on face, and I will continue to love my students and continue to give them my best.  That is what they deserve.

Celebration isn’t fluff; it’s sustenance.

Linda Baie writes about the terrible timing of an upcoming conference. She registered before she returned o being a classroom teacher, so despite the timing she is still attending. She celebrates: So with heavy planning, a wonderful assistant and substitute, I am slipp going. I hpe to blog during this time, or at least tweet some learning! Think: Georgia heard, Jan Richardson, Moica Brown, Kelly Gallagher, Chris Soentpiet, Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, and more! I’ll celebrate all the days waiting and then ‘being’ there!

Celebration isn’t convenience; it’s choice.

Terje weaves a poem and I’m struck how her clebrations stem from seeing through the problems all the way to the celebration. She celebrates:
I celebrate my students at school,
the moments when they:
do a bit extra than you ask
apologize without a prompt
forgive again
try to understand the other point of view
keep asking questions

Celebration isn’t the lack of problems; it’s seeing past the problems.
Katherine Sokolowski writes with grit about a change of plans and finds the celebration in the midst of it. She writes about a change in plans: If you had told me just one month ago I would be sitting here in my home today, typing a blog post in my pajamas, I would have been confused. She writes about looming snow storms: With the threat of a little snow or a lot. At first I was bummed. Despite the shifts in her plans, she celebrates: I am thrilled to celebrate any books that win. No, I might not be in Chicago…but I’m right where I should be. And I think I will celebrate in the best way possible, by picking up a book.

Celebration isn’t about things going as planned; it’s about adjusting our plans.

Jen Vincent writes about finding the why behind our writing. She writes: At the very beginning, I wasn’t entirely sure of my why…but now it’s clear. Whether I’m on Twitter, blogging, or wirting, I hope to share my story — my roller coaster of a life — and how I strive to stay in the growth mindset no matter what I encounter. 
Celebration isn’t about comfortably staying the same; it’s about embracing change.
Deb Day collects a celebration that will sustain her on the hard days. She writes about an invitation from two former students to take her out to dinner. Tears gather and she writes: I cried. Honestly, as I write this, I still am. Because as teachers, we always want to know that we made a difference. That we mattered. And this message from alumni proves that, somehow, I did. I mattered. How can I not celebrate that?
Celebration collects moments to sustain, not to gloat.

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  1. It's a blessing & a joy to read everyone's words on the weekend, Ruth, & now your shout-out for the wisdom is a lovely beginning to the week. Thanks and happy travels Monday to Friday!

  2. Ruth, in all the shifting landscapes that change the community of writers' perspective, the constant remains: celebration allows for us to step back and reflect about life in a positive way. With zest for the possible, I switch my plans for this week based on the newest storm that hit Long Island. Enjoy life.

  3. I love this celebration of Celebrations! It is about perspective. It's also about trust. We trust this community to value us warts and all. Thanks for creating this safe place.