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I celebrate slowing down. The world likes to tell me that I should do more. I’m learning this isn’t always a Truth. The world likes to tell me if I’m not doing everything, then I’m not enough.

As a mother to four children, a wife, and an educator there is always more to do. There is always something I should have, need to, or gotta do.

I’m celebrating the Truth that it is okay to slow down.

Our slowing down looks like:
13 year old slumber party.
10 year old sleep over at Mimi & Papa’s house.
The girls volunteering all day on Saturday with Mimi and Papa at their church.
The boys going to their first cub scout camp out.
A visit with a friend.
Teaching Sunday School.
Peewee football.
A visit with another friend.

And me, well, I took a nap.

It’s true. I had 45 minutes alone in the house. It was earmarked for writing and instead, I napped.

I am a terrible napper. Terrible.

But, this was restoration. It was a gift, a reminder that it is okay to slow down.

And for this, I celebrate.

Share yours below!


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  1. Naps are a delicious indulgence! So glad you managed to squeeze that in. I'm sorry, but that list does't look like slowing down. 🙂

  2. Ruth, Once again your post inspires me because I can so closely connect to it. Thoughts of being able to say no and still feel “enough” on the educator side in order to say yes to my family has been a big focus of my reflections/intentions lately. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It is always helpful to know that others are thinking about the same.