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I made a promise to post this week and it was broken. Maybe this week’s celebration will explain the failure: Our internet is working again after being out all week!
Sheesh. What is it they say about the best laid plans?
If you are attending the All Write Summer Institute in June, then don’t forget to meet up for dinner on Wednesday! Sign up HERE
I’m SO EXCITED about delivering the All-Write 2014 opening keynote, Celebration Saves. I hope it inspires, empowers, and makes you laugh.



  1. Wow-no internet for a week-sounds great, just different, right? Congratulations on giving the keynote, Ruth. I can't wait to be there, to see you, and now, hear you!

  2. I guess you had an unplugged week. It is sad to think how much of our lives revolves around the Internet. So looking forward to your keynote!

  3. A week without the internet. Yikes!
    So sad I can't make it to AllWrite this year. I'll be checking tweets and blog posts to hear all about it.

  4. No internet must have been strangely freeing in some ways too? I can imagine your keynote address will be amazing. Maybe you will share some of it here? After the Institute of course 🙂

  5. No Internet. Ick. I just had that this weekend sort of. There was free wi-fi in the lobby of my hotel, but not in rooms. There were not enough elevators for an Anime convention so getting to the lobby & back just for Internet wasn't quick or easy. I had blog posts to write, but I spent more time reading instead which was nice.i didn't get my post linked up though until today though. 😉