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This week I’m celebrating my writing process. With the training ground of 40 Stories, it shifted. It’s become more about listening and less about efficiency. It’s hard to let go of efficiency being my top priority.
I’ve realized I do a lot of crafting in my head. This surprised me at first, but it was also the basis of the one of the rules of 40 Stories — I had to stick to the territories of adoption and faith. My brain has learned how to craft lines and phrases and to consider structures to hold these ideas.
I’m learning new systems to play with my ideas since my writing life is expanding. I’m celebrating the ability to have many different writing projects happening simultaneously. I’m trying to focus on the coolness of this and not to get bogged down by the fact that I haven’t found my footing yet.
I’m toying with whether word count is a goal I want to use or if there is another way to measure my productivity and challenge myself as a writer. I’m leaning toward word count. The words are marching across my notebook and word documents.
I write because it’s what I’m made to do. It’s not about publication. It’s not about accolades. It’s about putting words on the page because it’s as critical to my existence as breathing. I write because I’m created to nourish souls through words.
Today I celebrate my messy, evolving, nutty writing process because I love how it makes me into the person I am created to be.
I’m happy you are here to share your celebration too.


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  1. I love to write, too, Ruth, and love reading your words, that you are coming to some truths important to you. I hope it's a good place to be! Thanks always for this celebration idea, and for supporting the community who seems to love it, too! Have a good weekend!

  2. Your thoughts on writing always focus me. The “coolness” of your work and living in the messiness is a worthy goal. Honoring who you are is the best celebration.

  3. I write because I'm created to nourish souls through words. True words! I am thankful for your words every day I get to read them. You. Nourish my soul in many ways.

  4. I am always amazed at how reflective you are about your writing — and always thinking about how your words and your stories change and grow. And yes, your writing is a celebration!

  5. I write because it's what I'm made to do. It's not about publication. It's not about accolades. It's about putting words on the page because it's as critical to my existence as breathing. I write because I'm created to nourish souls through words.—- I need to steal this. Do I have permission? Haha. I feel like it conveys my need to write as well.

  6. I love how you said that your writing person made you into who you are. What a lovely thing to celebrate! I do a lot of crafting in my head, too, and I was thankful when Penny Kittle gave that a name: “rehearsing”. Rehearsing means you're living a writerly life!

  7. When I have done National Novel Writing Month, word count has been a great motivator for me. It was only tricky this past year when alternating chapters were in verse. Word count with poetry is almost painful. 😉

  8. “The words are marching across my notebook and word documents.” The sweet music of your life and faith is keeping time for those marching words. Lovely figurative language. It still feels like a treat to get a glimpse inside your writing process. Thank you for sharing so unapologetically.

  9. Your words nourish souls- definitely. Mine is touched and uplifted each time. I have been sharing your blog with others and they too tell me how your words are moving them.