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 Here’s my celebration:

I’m the kind of mom who can load up her four kids and drive across several states — more than 8 hours — to visit her in-laws in Tennessee. We had fun and remained joyful and there were no blow ups or melt downs.



  1. Driving for more than eight hours with four kids…WOW! I'm impressed. It sounds like a trip filled with making memories to treasure for years to come! Enjoy and safe travels!!

  2. Fun times at grandparents make the trip so worthwhile. Road trips are great, especially when everyone is happy. Love the smiles!

  3. You are the kind of mom who would've loved those kids and that trip just the same if there had been meltdowns and blow-ups–and that makes it even more special that you got the kind of trip you all deserved. Your effort to stay centered is makes an incredible impact on your family. Beautiful.