Guarding our Shine {17 of 40 Stories}

For the Lord God is a sun and shield: 
the Lord will give grace and glory: 
no good thing will he withhold 
from them that walk uprightly.
Psalm 84:11

We are called to shine. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone did the thing they were created to do? What if we all shined?

It is a risk to shine. I think that’s why I like the image of God being both a sun and shield. He provides sustenance and strength. He provides light and protection. He provides brightness and shelter.

We are each made for a purpose. I used to think there were stages in life when God will call us to a purpose. For instance, an acceptable time for a new calling might be high school or college graduation. Retirement is another point in life where I imagined God might call someone to a new purpose.

It turns out that God isn’t so keen on my timetables. Apparently, it is a false understanding that God puts us in motion with a single purpose until retirement. It seems as though He might want to call us to a new dream smack in the middle of a successful career, with young children, and even a couple of books under the belt.

It takes a lot of nerve to dare to dream in the middle of a successful career, with young children, and even a couple of books under the belt. God is a maker of all things new. This doesn’t mean he makes us for a purpose at age 22 and then is required to keep us on that path until 62. 

What if, just maybe, there might be a new dream for a person in the thick of her professional life and motherhood and writing another book? I’ll tell you the answer to that what if question…

A person might, just maybe, be shakin’ in her boots.

Because she knows when God calls, she’ll respond even if it doesn’t make sense. The evidence is clear: marry that Ayres boy; leave the classroom for an instructional coach position; adopt a sibling group; adopt a fourth child; walk away from a remarkable blog you co-founded.

Then God asks for more. It might be easy to think once you leap it is easier to leap each time after that. At least for me, this is not true. The stakes seem to get higher each time. In fact, I might think it would be easier if the calling were “just” to adopt another child.

What do I have to fear? The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is with me. He gives grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who walk with Him. 

He is sun and shield, which means, —

He guards us as we shine.
With truth like that, why would anyone be afraid to leap?
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