Titanic Book Review {Hijacked by Sam}

This post is created by Sam, age 8. I got the inspiration to hijack my mom’s blog from my pen pal, Chloe, from Coffee with Chloe. (Here is a post by Chloe.)

{The things I did to get ready to write this review: made a 
Lego Titanic, read the book, made sticky notes, and wrote a draft.}

You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Titanic! by David Stewart and illustrated by David Antram is an awesome book. Titanic lovers and boat buffs would love it, because it tells you information in a fun way. Here are five interesting things.

  1. Room for 3,511 people. Readers learn this in the speech bubbles.
  2. The illustrations are good because you learn more.
  3. The Titanic had 3 propellers. Readers learn this in the sidebar.
  4. Handy hints are helpful.
  5. There are maps that show the route of the Titanic.

This book about the Titanic is great for everyone!

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  1. Dear Sam,
    THIS IS AWESOME! Mom read your post to me this morning while we were cuddling. I really like it. The book sounds really good. I really like your Lego Titanic. I like Legos. They are really fun to chew on!

    Sorry I haven't written to you in a long time. I'll try to pretty soon.


  2. Great review Sam! Next week I have to teach third graders how to write an opinion piece, and I can show them your work so they can get ideas. This came at a perfect time. Thank you!

  3. Sam, your review has two qualities that make it especially helpful as a reader: it is fun (it sounds like you are talking to me about a book you really like) and it is packed with details (like where exactly you found the information you included). I am a fan of boats and I am fascinated by the story of the Titanic. This sounds like a book I should read! I would love to hear more book reviews from you, since I know you are an avid reader.

  4. Hi Sam, thanks for the review of this new book about the Titanic. I haven't seen it reviewed before, so am glad to see it. I like it when books have us thinking about the topic even more, like when you built the ship with your legoes. It helps us slow down to think even more. And thanks for sharing how you approached the writing, sticky notes, etc. It helps organize thoughts before we write. Terrific review-I'll look for it at my library.

  5. Sam, I'm requesting this book from the library today. I teach sixth grade, and my students love having picture books in our classroom. Thanks for sharing the picture of a page from the book in your review. You've inspired me to have my students write reviews for my Sweet Summer Reads blog.

  6. Hello Sam,
    Thank you for sharing this book. I have not read this book, and I am definitely interested in it. I have read books by David Stewart. Does he have a series of these books? I am trying to remember.
    Your review is especially appealing since you shared where you found the information. It made me think how structure of the book is important to share with your readers. I also love your pictures, especially knowing you used sticky notes to remember ideas. Your Lego ship is spectacular! What a fun way to connect to the book.
    I look forward to hearing more book reviews from you. I am very interested in books that appeal to boys to share with other students I work with.
    Thanks for this fun review!
    🙂 Mary Helen

  7. Sam, thanks for sharing this Information on the Titanic. I love anything on the subject of Titanic.

    The steps you took to write this review will come in handy for future success on any kind of report/review. You are wise.

    Using Legos was better than just a drawing. It made me think of all the hours it took to build the ship, only to have it sink. Keep reading and sharing.

  8. Sam, thanks for sharing this with so many people. Bigger kids, and even my adult students, could learn from your creative reading preparation techniques. I would like to jump on your lego Titanic and go for a ride!

  9. Sam…. Loved reading your book review! This is a book I would enjoy reading with my kids! Have you read the “I survived” series? We got “I survived the Titanic for Christmas!”
    Great writing, Sam!

  10. Sam – love this review! I think point number 4: Handy Hints are helpful is a life philosophy we should all adopt! Keep blogging! My daughter hijacked my blog once for a guest post and we are setting up her own blog in a few weeks. Move over Moms – here come the new generation of readers, thinkers and bloggers! 🙂

  11. Thanks for picking out this book to review, Sam, I love reading about the Titanic, and many of my students do, too. Good for you that you look to the sidebars and illustrations to learn even more about the topic – and I love the fact that you are building what you are reading about. That's cool beans!

  12. I love this informational series, Sam. It sounds like you do too! I agree with you.The authors do give readers lots of fascinating facts in a fun way. I'm glad you shared your process for writing this review. That will help other reviewers. It was awesome that you pointed out text features. Cool stuff! Keep reviewing!

  13. Sam,
    I love books about the Titanic. The year of its 100th year anniversary I created a big unit with my students. I have not seen this book but will certainly add it to my collection. You did a great job with writing this review. I loved how you showed how the nonfiction features helped you as a reader. Great job! I hope you hijack you mom's blog again. Keep reading and writing!

  14. Great job on your review of the Titanic book, Sam! I liked how you shared what you felt were the 5 most interesting things in the book. Thanks also for sharing with us what you did to get ready to write the review. I am glad that you continue to love books and are learning to share about them in a review. Let me know when you have written a book that my kindergartners would enjoy. I would love to have you come down and share it with my class. Keep up the great reading and writing, Sam!
    🙂 Mrs. Self

  15. Dear Sam,

    I really enjoyed reading your book review. This book is new to me and I want to read it now. My favorite line in your review is: “Titanic lovers and boat buffs would love it, because it tells you information in a fun way.” Boat buffs!!! That's awesome! I hope you keep reading & writing more book reviews. Thank you!

  16. Thank you for sharing your review, Sam. I am always on the look out for good Titanic books. When you're a little older you might like The Watch that Ends the Night by Allan Wolf… it's the story of the Titanic written in poetic novel form. Wolf writes poems in many different voices. Even the rats on the ship have their say! Have fun reading and writing! Thanks again for sharing your review.

    Lee Ann Spillane

  17. Hi Sam–my favorite part of your post is #4. See if you can guess why I like it.
    It might help you to know that I like words and especially how words in combination sound when you read them.

  18. Hi Sam, I am impressed by the following:
    1. Your draft and post-its
    2. Your lego creation
    3. Your 5 interesting things. Very short and sweet and to the point. Love it!
    Looking forward to reading more reviews from you. 🙂

  19. Sam,
    I can tell that you worked really hard on this project and I love your work! You shared just enough to hook your readers without giving the book away. I hope that all of your followers inspire you to post again! Keep up the amazing work!
    Mrs. Rosen