Discover. Play. Build.

Discover. Play. Build.

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Please use #celebratelu to share.

Read Christy Rush-Levine’s post about last week’s celebration titled, In Which I Explain Why I Did Not Celebrate. (And yet, she still finds a way to celebrate. This is true grit.)


Oh, yes we did! We broke out our bikes last week!

Saturday School. This may be twisted. I’m celebrating that my kids have Saturday school today. Their school district decided this was how they should make up some of the days they missed. Although I do miss them and feel a little compassion for them, I have to admit, I’m looking forward to a day of writing and being home alone. (Andy decided to work today since it’s a “school day.”)

This is an interesting read about living in the time of instant knowledge. The Hyperlinked Life: Living with Wisdom in an Age of Information Overload.

I love the way this celebration community remains genuine and pure. It is truly a community that lifts others and finds joy in all celebrations.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the links above. You brought out the bikes and we brought out the sleds! With all this snow in Maine we might as well play in it. Thanks for hosting this celebration each week. I didn't think I had much to celebrate, but it turns out I had quite a lot.

  2. I cannot wait until the weather cooperates to be outside doing something other than shoveling. Biking makes me think of summer…
    Thanks for the links – I would have missed both of these if you hadn't shared them.

  3. Bikes…..sounds wonderful. We're not quite there yet–about a foot of snow this week between three snow events. But the good thing about the end of February is it can't last too much longer!

  4. We had peeks of warmth this week too and I hear a robin outside as I type this – sure signs of spring! I'm from Indiana too, and our school district decided to extend our day an hour for the next three weeks. I don't know if there is a great answer, but getting it over in one day has its benefits – enjoy your day!

  5. How lucky you were able to break out your bikes! I'm still waiting. I loved Christy's piece too. I've been the teacher in Saturday school and it is exhausting. I'm sure you will enjoy the quiet of home. Have a great week and I am so sad I won't be able to greet you on Thursday.

  6. Saturday school brought memories of my first grade when half day Saturdays where the norm! No bikes for me, but walking outside with my coat open–that felt like spring!

  7. We used to do Saturday school too. It was hard as a teacher to go that 6th day. Hope you enjoy your day.

    I love your bike picture. It seems like the winter has been so cold and long. It's nice to have a snippet of spring to know it is coming.


  8. Like the idea of Saturday school for make-up snow days. Ours are build in at the end of the year. And I agree coming here each Saturday is a celebration.

  9. Thank you for your weekly invitation, Ruth. I hope that you got some writing done yesterday and had a sweet relaxing moments just for yourself.