Discover. Play. Build.

Discover. Play. Build.

I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Please use #celebratelu to share.

This has been a week that I’m learning to hold on to my convictions, even when it gets hard. Yesterday I received a card in the mail from someone I respect and admire. It was filled with kindness and wise advice. This timely note left me feeling special and empowered.

{A Perfectly Timed Note}

This little guy…

turned eight…

For the record, I offered to make homemade treats. He insisted on Twinkies. If I’m honest, I may have thought this was a really great thing.

I’m celebrating friendship. I’m realizing how very blessed my family is by our friends. I have great friends. Andy has friends who have been around his entire life. Our kids are forming solid friendships. I’m thankful to recognize the friendships in my life, as well as the realization that our kids are beginning to build strong friendships. Here are Sam’s friends at the bowling alley last night.

Looking forward to reading your celebrations!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Twinkies?!?! A boy after my own heart. Haha! I just want to celebrate YOU and this blog. I'm so grateful for this space every week. THANK YOU, Ruth!

  2. Happy birthday! We have one we're celebrating here this weekend (not my son's but his best friend's). Thank you for this open invitation to share what's important to us – and for sharing what's brought you joy this week.

  3. Tell Sam Happy Birthday from Chloe and I! Looks like he had lots to celebrate.

    Thanks for creating this space, Ruth. I look forward to Saturday mornings all week long. Every day finds me thinking about what I could share with this group.

  4. Ruth, I got your book this week and have been really enjoying it. My post today is my response. Hope you will stop by and celebrate with me. I made a class chart of the comment starters. It helps that I am already blogging with my students. Your ideas have enriched my class. Thanks!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sam! Friendships make our path is life so much easier, Ruth – great friends know just when to reach out and what to say. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Love that group of guys at the bowling alley! Sam, what a fun group of friends. I remember a bowling party 20+ years ago with my little guy. Ruth, that quote went right into my writer's notebook! Saturdays are fun, but living the week focusing on celebrations is the best! Thanks for this place to come together.

  7. My father ate a Twinkie almost everyday of his life. Loved them. He would have two thumbs up if around. And friends are the best. Thanks!

  8. Ruth,
    Thanks for hosting once again. I enjoyed your celebrations. I will be thinking about your card – “What makes you come alive?” Hmmm. Thinking like that really makes me rethink some things.

    Love the choice of Twinkies. After all, we nearly had a Twinkie crisis in this country!!!! Personally, I King Don girl, but you just can't get those anymore.

    Looks like a great week,

  9. Joining the celebration for the first time. Thank you for hosting this. Your son is adorable and I say “yes” to birthday twinkies! I still give my two boys sugar cereal on their birthdays – and they are now teenagers!