Choose Happy

In my house growing up the mother of all four letter words was the word can’t. Not only was it not allowed, but it would poke and prod until my normally passive parents would be in an uproar. Can’t was a dirty word. It wasn’t allowed out of my mouth.
I think not good enough is the evil twin of can’t. It’s dressed a little differently, but it has the same effect. It keeps us from reaching our full potential. I’m learning how to squelch not good enough

  1. Pray. I ask for protection against negative thoughts. I ask to know the truth and see myself for who I really am.
  2. Exercise. There are all kinds of good things that come from moving your body. Endorphins are one and they make you feel positive and happy.
  3. Slow Down. When I’m in a hurry, I’m grumpy. And I miss too many good things. I’m intentional about leaving time and space in my day. Somehow I accomplish more by slowing down. I’m not sure how it works, but I’ll take it!
  4. Hug. Recently I heard on the radio about a study that listed the number one mood booster for men and women are hugs. The new question around our house is, “Do you need a mood booster?”
  5. Say No to TV. Not totally, but a little. When I spend my time doing something else (like cooking or writing) I always feel happier.

The thing about this list is all of these things are free. I think the world likes to tell us that we can find happiness by doing this thing or getting that thing. I don’t believe happiness has to do with anything I have or can get.

Happiness is a choice. 
Or maybe it is a bunch of little choices that add up to being positioned to accept happiness.

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  1. Ruth, I find this: “Say No to TV. Not totally, but a little. When I spend my time doing something else (like cooking or writing) I always feel happier.” to be so true, yet something I don't always choose. Going to try and make that a focus, because I always feel better after DOING something instead of WATCHING tv. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This year I have heard over and over again, that happiness is a choice and it doesn't take anything grandiose to make one happy. Each one of us would have a personal list to follow. Healthy habits (rest, exercise, food), purposeful activities, connecting meaningfully with others, finding time to ponder and reflect or meditate would be the bases for my happiness list. Making the list isn't too complicating, keeping it in mind and following may be a challenge. Reminders like yours are helpful.

  3. I agree. So much about perspective is a choice. I enjoyed reading the specific ways in which you are choosing happy. Have you been thinking about your one little word for 2014 yet? I have been tossing different words around, one of them that I have been thinking about over the last few weeks is choice or choose. I even thought about using a Spanish word for the first time and was considering a verb in the command form (a positive command though!).