Little Matters

It’s the little things that matter. I’m realizing this is true when it comes to being an instructional coach. It is through small acts that great strides are made.

In the past week, I think these have been some of my most significant acts as an instructional coach:

  1. Bringing a cup of coffee to a teacher who was having a rough morning.
  2. Reading a book in a classroom I’ve never been invited into before today. (It’s been a decade since I’ve started this position.) 
  3. Listening to someone tell a story about a daughter and a dog.
  4. Leaving a note and a book in a mailbox.
  5. Sharing a link to a blog post.
  6. Giving a hug.
  7. Gathering a basket of books to launch a unit of study.
  8. Sharing a Pinterest image.
  9. Giving a writing notebook.
  10. Drafting a survey for a principal.
For me it is easy to think these things aren’t important. But they are. Little matters are not a little matter. I’m striving for small in order to make a big impact.


  1. Little does matter…your light doesn't have to be as bright as a searchlight to brighten someone's life. A simple flashlight beam now and then to illuminate a spot on the path can make a big impact.

    I want one of you in my district, but I am glad despite the distance that I have one of you in my life!

  2. Ruth, I so needed this post. I get so caught up in thinking that when I do those kinds of things that I'm not “doing my job” because I'm not standing in a classroom coaching. I'm hanging a sign in my office that says “Little Matters”. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. I can echo Elsie's comment. It is so nice when someone notices. When someone gives a moment of time to those who might need noticing. Little is usually building to bigger. You are building something bigger one little block at a time.